Saturday, July 27, 2013

Holiday, part two: City -> Paradise -> City again!

Hello again!

Having already shared Henry's point of view, I guess I should write a little bit about our lovely holiday, too. Our trip to Berlin (and Niesky!) managed to live up to all of my wildly optimistic dreams!

First we stayed with our friend Anja at her apartment in Neuk├Âlln - she has a really nice place. It's a beautiful light filled home on the fourth floor, with a balcony and a gated courtyard/playground. That was definitely a highlight for Henry; there was a swingset, slide and seesaw, then a sandpit (complete with toys!) and a ping pong table for the grownups. Awesome.

We stayed one night at Anja's, then caught the train to Anja's dad's house in Niesky. It's a small town about two-ish hours from Berlin, and it was sooo lovely. Anja's dad Fred was an incredible host - he's heard over ten years' worth of stories about us via Anja, so it was pretty awesome to finally meet him.

Henry adored Fred. Immediately and without hesitation - 'yeah, I like you, guy.'
Fred lives in a big house that Anja's granddad built, surrounded by a garden with a little creek running through it, which is in turn surrounded by forest. Amazing.

Ross' friend Lachlan and his friend Aaron, they also stayed with us and played Gypsy Jazz
Henry joins in the cricket game

 We spent a couple of days in the country, then headed back to the big city to meet up with Joe! He had a show on the 19th (which Ross and I attended and really enjoyed - thanks Anja for babysitting!), so we had a bit of time to go and do some touristy stuff. Saw the Brandenburg gate, bits of the wall and the Holocaust memorial.
I found the memorial a really interesting but odd experience. Doing some googling just now, I read that the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is designed to be unsettling and confusing, but it didn't really evoke anything like that for me. I mean, obviously if you think about it, it's a monument to the terribleness of humanity, and I expected something that would make me uncomfortable, and so it should. Instead it felt kind of interactive and beautiful, but maybe that's just me. 

On a lighter note, Henry then received a balloon in the shape of a dinosaur, which produced no conflicting emotions in anyone. Because dinosaur balloon, yay!

Okay, I think I may have to leave it here and write about the last chunk separately - even more photos to come, so be prepared!

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Gil Liane said...

What a lovely holiday! And I love your sunglasses :) ps. I agree with you about the memorial. They're complex concepts that don't always translate as intended, I think.