Saturday, July 6, 2013

Guess what?

So, time for some news that probably isn't news to anyone anymore...

We have a new baby on the way!
It is somewhat amusing how I first figured it out. Turns out that the reason I caught Henry's hand, foot and mouth was because my immune system was being suppressed, because that is apparently what happens when you start growing an embryo. Good to know!

So anyway, I am around about three months pregnant, which by my calculations makes me due in early to mid January. Hooray for driving an hour and a half to Akureyri in the middle of winter, in the (hopefully) early stages of labor*. As you can tell, I'm starting my worrying in nice and early.

* Wait, is it spelt the Australian way in this context? Labour? Labor? Now it all just looks wrong.

Seriously, though, the hospital here doesn't have an anaesthesiologist on staff, so they're not really allowed to book anyone in to give birth here. There has been much discussion about it lately, after a few women have been unable to make it to Akureyri: a friend of mine had hers at home, another lady had hers in the parking lot at Varmahlid (about half an hour from here), and the most recent one had a baby in an ambulance on the side of the road, about halfway between here and Akureyri.

I think it may be getting to a point where people are getting pretty vocal about it, which hopefully means something will get done. As one lady wrote, it doesn't really seem like anyone will listen until something serious happens, ie. someone is seriously injured or dies. So everyone is just kind of hoping that it won't be them - how messed up is that?

Okay, enough of that, I'll keep you updated, and hey, at least I have a bit of time for them to sort something out before it directly affects me.

This pregnancy seems to be much the same as the last one: I felt slightly nauseous for a while there, but haven't actually been sick, just felt kind of hungover all the time. I've gone off coffee again, which is a bummer, because I'm totally drained and exhausted a lot of the time. I'd love to want a nice big cup of caffeinated goodness, but alas, it smells revolting.

One thing I don't remember from last time is that I'm just now getting over a phase of outrageous hunger. I'm pretty sure I got a bit cranky from not eating often enough on a couple of occasions, but never this amount of emotion and desperation behind it. From the time I started feeling hungry, I had maybe a couple of minutes to get and eat food, otherwise I would start feeling sick and hollow. I actually ended up telling my co-workers just so that they could understand why I was being so irrational and weird around lunchtime.

We went to Akureyri for the first ultrasound yesterday, it all went pretty well, but the baby was being quite uncooperative, so the photos seem really blobby and indistinguishable to me. Might put them up later, anyway, after I get Ross to remind me which way is up on the pictures. The most important part is that everything looked fine and normal, so the photos are kind of an afterthought anyway...

In other pregnancy related news, here is a list of things that have made me cry over the past couple of months:

This dog food ad.

The film clip for Feist, 1234 (I don't even know why, it's just visually touching or something?)

Wendy Davis. So many feelings.

This short film about zombies from Tropfest (giant, heaving sobs, I'm not even kidding).

And finally, a real life one: Henry and I were lying on the couch, and he rolled over and headbutted me. It hurt, and I didn't expect it, so I went 'ow', and my eyes watered. He then turned over and started crying, too, just going 'Mummy sad, mummy ouch, oh no.' At which point I started proper crying, which made him sadder, so I tried to tell him I was okay, and he sobbed more, and I sobbed more, and we both ended up in a big puddle of soggy cushions.
Ross kind of laughed a bit, and looked a bit teary himself. As he said, it's things like that that make you think you're doing an okay job raising a thoughtful and empathetic person.
Which, of course, made me cry again.

And for the most recent one, I cried just a teeny bit more while typing the above paragraph. C'mon hormones, seriously?


northern musings said...

if it makes you feel any better I got teary reading that! Hormones (in my case menopause) suck.

Unnur said...

Ahhh. Thank you Olga for the blog. It made me teary too. You and Ross can be proud of Henry. You are raising a sensitive, gentle, caring child. I´m thankful everyday for our children who are all 3, beautiful, supportive and generous souls. Keep blogging or fb while in Berlin. Don´t forget the steakhouse! Have a great trip.

KH said...

Congratulations again! Good writing about it. However, now I want to try and find things that will make you cry. Did you see this?:

Watching that dog food made me think about it. Something about animal stories.

Madara said...

I NEW when I saw you at the bookclub. There was something like withdrawal, weariness and apparently I was one of two not to know it. Congratulations. In your own words - yei,it´s a baby for our bookclub!

olga said...

Mum and Sigga: At least we all know the value of a good cry :)

Kristinn: I thought I was going to be fine until about the 16th slide... Yep, that one worked.

Haha Madara, I was going to mention it, but I didn't want to take over book club completely with baby talk :)
Thanks for the congratulations.

Maja said...

Great news, Olga, congratulations! I have only just got over being teary, myself. Theme songs of some kids shows do it to me, like In the Night Garden.

Hopefully the weather will be okay when you go into labour, and if you just head there as soon as you feel it, you'll hopefully be okay. There's no point worrying about it until it happens though, is there?

Enjoy your trip to Berlin!

Anonymous said...

godammit i just watched the dog commercial

i have powerlifting in twenty minutes

- anna