Monday, March 25, 2013

Summery Summary


I just wrote a whole post, then the computer ate it. I know, I know, my fault for not keeping the computer well fed. ANYWAY, the post was just a summary of what's been going on, which I will try to recreate. And if it isn't as interesting as you'd hoped, I promise it was definitely better the first time round!

Spring is coming! It's actually light in the mornings when we get up (around 7ish), and as I type the sun is streaming in through the window. Silly Australian me, though, figured that meant it was warm outside. Nope, still minus six. Vitamin D, though, yay!

Henry wore a short sleeved tshirt the other day, apparently for the first time that he can remember. He kept trying to pull the sleeves down, because he figured they were just rolled up, like when we do the dishes. You could see the frustration on his face: 'Mum, this jumper is BROKEN.' Poor dude doesn't have much experience with this 'summer' business.

He will, though! We have booked our flights to go visit our friend/Henry's godmother Anja in Germany in July! She has promised that we can go stay in her old family home, where Henry can run in the grass, and play in the creek, and then we will all go to Poland for dinner. It will be AMAZING.

Henry is talking a lot more, like three or four word sentences. I have honestly enjoyed him right from the beginning, but I had no idea that he would become so entertaining!

For example? After he's had his bath, we always tip out the water and he says 'bye bye, bath!' Then the other day, he followed it up with 'seeyouinalittlewhile!' It was all jumbled up together, but I've only heard him say it once before, and that was straight up parroting as I said it to Nina a week or so ago. It's so weird what kind of things stick in his brain - he's such a sponge right now.

Then last night at dinner, he was eating pasta and looking really thoughtful, then all of a sudden he threw his hands up in the air. 'House with a roof! Roof!' Then 'House fall down!'
He had obviously been singing a Playschool song in his head, but then when he got to the end, it was too exciting and he had to say it out loud. Funny guy.

I have been looking for jobs a bit lately. I applied for one at an activity centre for adults with disabilities, but my friend Edda got hired instead - I'm not too surprised or disappointed, she used to work there before she had her son. I might do a bit of babysitting for her until she gets some sort of daycare sorted out, so everybody wins!

While I was waiting to hear back from them, I decided that I should probably just go back to Fisk if I didn't get hired, but then the council started advertising for a whole bunch of summer jobs. I applied for a couple, but I'm still treating Fisk as a backup plan - kind of takes the pressure off.

In any case, I hope I don't have to start work straight away, because my friend Erin is coming to visit! She has just moved to Scotland, and since that's so close to us, she figured she'd pop over at Easter, and stay for a week or two. It works out perfectly, because I'm going south for a christening on Saturday, so I can pick her up and bring her home with me! YAY!

I think that's it, I have a ton of videos to upload, but that seems to be too difficult to sort out at the moment. Maybe one day I'll figure it all out!