Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's not easy being green...

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, which in Iceland means that all the kids get dressed up and sing for candy! Sort of Halloweeny, except no one hassles you in your house - they go to businesses and shops instead. Good times.

Dressing up was optional for the kids at the preschool, but of course we jumped at the chance - I am such a sucker for kids in fancy dress, it is one of my favourite things...

So without further ado, here's Henry the frog:

He was pretty excited about it - one of our tactics for getting him out of the bath is pretending that he's a frog. He gets to jump around a bit before he gets dry, and that makes him happy.

So yeah, I discovered that hoodies are really easy to adapt into costumes - just add some sort of recognisable features to the hood and you're done! It's especially good at this age, because he doesn't really have the patience to wear a cape or crown all day, so he just needed something he could play in. I'm kind of irrationally proud of this costume, and so will probably be making more soon. My dream is the best dress up box in town!

What else? There have been a bunch of those kind of gross and super contagious kids' diseases at Henry's school. Strep throat is the latest, which I didn't really know anything about... Hooray for Mr. Google - my worries when Henry was up all night coughing were completely baseless, because strep throat only entails a sore throat and fever! Honestly, I don't know how people (read: worrywarts like myself) raised kids without the internet.

I'm hosting a book club meeting at our house today, I think it should be fun. We just finished reading Woman in the Polar Night by Christiane Ritter, a memoir of a lady living on an Arctic island for a year with her husband. It was great, just really nicely written, and there was a lot (about the light especially) that I could relate to our life here in Iceland.

I get to pick the next book, so I decided to go for Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. I've never read it, but heard lots of good things and always meant to get around to it. I had such a hard time committing to a book, I think I always have this fear of being judged when it comes to what I read.

Many times throughout my life I have straight up lied when someone has asked what I'm reading - usually when the person in question was 'cool' and the book was either fantasy or sci fi. Such a bummer, why is there such a stigma attached to speculative fiction? Or is it all in my head, and no one cares?
I aim to be less ashamed of reading sci fi and fantasy books, because dammit, I really enjoy them. Having said that, did I stand by my tastes and pick a fantasy book for book club? No. Oh well, I'll try harder next time.

Anyway kids, it's time for me to do a bit of a clean up so that my book club guests don't have to sit on mountains of dog hair. Wish me luck!


northern musings said...

Great post! There is definitely nothing wrong with sci fi. It was the staple of my book reading... I think that even had an influence on Jon D and brother Hilmar in this - which then passed on down to Nicko. My favourite books were by Julian May - I think that they were the ones that made me interested in all things fantasy. Love the costume too.. and I love the idea of a big play costume box... you can do your own cosplays at home!

Maja said...

I'm reading the second book of a fantasy trilogy called the Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay I read when I was a late teen. I wanted e-book copies but couldn't get them, so resorted to second hand books instead.

I watched the Persepolis movie last year, which is sooo good. Is it a comic book, or is there a text version too?

olga said...

Maja, it's a comic/graphic novel, but I bought it in a paperback. More convenient to read, but the text is pretty little in some parts.

I definitely need to watch the movie sometime - I really enjoyed the book!


Gil Liane said...

OMG, Maja is reading the Fionavar Tapestry! His book Tigana, is a fantasy ICON, and I loved Song of Arbonne so much that if I ever get rich I plan to buy the film rights. You're right Olga, total stigma, & it SUCKS. It's like how Chabon describes the scifi section of the bookstore as the ghetto LOL... Imagine people's faces when I say I'm writing spec-fiction... they get all disappointed, which is ridiculous- it's so much harder to write than straightforward fiction! Years ago I had a massive argument about this with Joe (that I now use when arguing with other people LOL)- he said that in fantasy and scifi, if you can't get the story to work you just make up a door, so it's a cop out, but my argument was, you have to make up a world with it's own particular set of rules that will allow a door to "just appear" for specific reasons- so it's actually a whole lot HARDER. Also, I thought of you when I watched Beautiful Creatures because the guy referenced Kurt Vonnegut in the opening sequence.

Gil Liane said...

...I got so distracted talking about books, that I forgot what I wanted to post, which was that Henry's costume looks AMAZING, you're so talented!! He's so lucky, he's going to have so much fun every time there's something that needs costumes at school (or if he just feels like dressing up!). Having a fabulous costume maker in the fam when you're a kid is just awesome! :)