Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Endless illness...

Aaaand the latest gross outbreak at leikskoli is... (drumroll) ... HEADLICE! YAYYYYY!

I swear, every couple of days, when I go to pick up Henry, there's a new notice talking about something else that's going around. They're running out of room on the noticeboard. For real.

Luckily, this one is more to do with prevention - there are a couple of kids at the primary school that have lice, and they know that many kids have older siblings there, so they just want everyone to keep an eye out. Plus Henry has short hair, with the option to shave it if necessary, so I'm not too worried about him getting them. I'm trying to grow my hair out at the moment, but if I have to choose, I'll stick with the lice-free pixie cut every time.

Anyway, what else is going on? I finished making a skirt the other day! I just converted it from a t-shirt that I bought at the red cross, but still - completion of a thing! I'm also partway through making a mens' shirt into a singlet, but that got complicated, so I put it aside for now. Exciting times.

Ooh, we ordered a bed for Henry the other day! We ended up ordering a whole bunch of stuff that we didn't realise we needed, because Ikea. So Ross got a rug for the basement, Henry's got a little desk and chair, and I got a tenderizer. Yay! As Ross pointed out, we don't really buy that many things for Henry - sure, he gets spoilt, but usually not by us. So it's nice to buy him things sometimes.

And on the buying things note, I have decided that it might be time to head back to work. I'm pretty sure Henry will be happy with staying the whole day at leikskoli, and they have previously said that they've definitely got enough staff for him to stay longer.
My mindset is a bit funny, though. This is the first time I've not worked for any length of time since I left home, and I've really gotten used to it. So much so, that I have this weird sense of entitlement - I somehow feel like maybe I should just work four days a week, surely full-time work is a bit much? Then I realise, no, it's not a bit much, it's only what everyone else does and what I'm completely capable of.
My brain is an interesting place... I'm glad that I managed to recognise the flawed thinking, though. Now to convince myself I'm looking forward to working again!

Okay, I must post this, as it's been a draft for days: I keep meaning to add a video, but I need to edit it down and then upload it, so I'll add it later.

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Gil Liane said...

When I was little I had waist length hair, and one day my grandma's relatives came to visit, and mum said I was sitting there dressed like a little princess & they were going on about how gorgeous I was, and mum said she replied, "Yes, she is," and looked across at me, and an enormous nit ran across my forehead! LOL, so funny. She was MORTIFIED, and spent the whole time scared someone would notice I'd apparently caught nits!! (We made it through without the social shame). They're terrible. Sometimes models would have nits on photoshoots, because they had little brothers and sisters who'd brought them home from school. I also get your entitlement thing- I am precious about my time now that I'm getting better, and I don't know if I could give it all to a job that I didn't love! I know- I sound precious(!). It's a hard trade for cash :(