Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh you guys! I remembered just after I posted last time: that post was my 400th! Maybe that's partly why I threw the champagne reference in there - celebrations, yay! But then again, maybe not.

I'm just going to do a video/photo spam post, so if you don't feel like watching Henry being awesome, feel free to skip it!

Video 1: In which Henry does the dishes:

henry washes up from Olga on Vimeo.

Video 2: In which Henry has a tail:

henry has a tail from Olga on Vimeo.

Aaaand now for the photos:

Mum bought Henry a bubble gun. With flashing lights and colours. It is incredible.

And we took some nice shots of everyone in front of Vicki's Christmas tree.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pop open a bottle of bubbly...

Here's to another goddamn new year!*

*That link is to my favourite song about New Year's Eve ever. I wanted to do a list of my top five songs about New Year's Eve, but it turns out I only know that Dismemberment Plan one and this Death Cab for Cutie one. I guess I have a year to find three more...

I had big plans for posting around my birthday, but then the internet slowed right down and I didn't get to post anything. Boooo...
Anyway, here's photos of Henry and his Christmas present from us!

This is his 'waiting for applause' pose

Christmas was lovely, we went to Sigga's for dinner on the 24th, then Vicki's for Christmas Day. Ate lots of delicious food, chatted and spent time with our lovely family. I didn't take many photos, as usual, but I have nice memories instead.


The weather got pretty terrible, so we weren't sure if Mum was going to make it north on the 30th, as planned. Luckily some of the buses were still running, and my lovely aunt (second cousin?) Jóhanna picked Mum up in Varmahlíð! Yay!

I decided that massive birthday celebrations are officially over for me: I made some curries and invited the family over, and that was a fun evening. Maybe next year I'll do something biggish for my 30th (ooh, turning 30 on the 30th in 2013!), but low-key is quite lovely for now.

Everyone had to take turns reading Henry's new book, Trucks Go Pop.

It's this gorgeously detailed pop up book that Kerry and Steve got him - they also got this copy of The Wheels on the Bus, which is totally beautiful and recommended for everyone!

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Vicki's, followed by a walk up the hill to look at everyone else's fireworks, then had a bit of pyrotechnics fun of our own. I took a couple of fireworks photos then realised that they weren't going to be anywhere near as good as Kerry's, so I gave it up and enjoyed the spectacle instead.

Aaaand, I think we're up to date. The weather today is much better, no wind to speak of and gorgeous soft light - we tried to take a mini family photo, but Mum's camera ran out of battery, and Henry threw a little pre-nap tantrum. Once he wakes up we're going to go and get a group shot of everyone in front of Vicki's Christmas tree, which I think is becoming a yearly tradition!