Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My triumphant return!!

Or maybe triumphant isn't the word, but it seems to fit so well... Does that mean it's a cliche?

Anyway anyway anyway! How have you been this past month? I have been doing the usual mix of nothing and everything, and have somehow managed to not post any and/or none of it*.

*And at some point in the past month, I lost my grasp on the English language. So be it.

My last draft had a little story in it that I still definitely need to share: we gave Henry a pickle at dinner, just to see what he'd think. He took a half bite, so a little flap of pickle was loose, but still attached at one end.
Henry looked at it, then looked at me. 'Door', he said.
Then he poked the door - 'knock knock'. Followed by 'hello?' It was the cutest thing ever.

Well, cutest ever, unless you also count this picture:

 Henry and Eddie (Edda and Gerry's son), both looking super Icelandic in woolly jumpers. They came and visited after the mini-Christmas festival thing that happens when the tree in town gets lit. It was great to see them, and they are now back in Scotland visiting family and friends for Eddie's first Christmas.

Also in the category of cutest ever:

 Henry is  getting really into this self-portrait business.

Um um um, what else did I want to tell you about? Vicki's sisters arrive this week, they're staying for Christmas and New Year's, and my Mum will be coming on the 30th (which is my 29th birthday, wowsers).

We put up the Christmas tree the other day, which felt like an achievement. Henry helped me untangle lights...

... and put up the decorations...

And voila!

Hello, tree!

Henry is going to get his hair cut this afternoon, so I'd like to try to get a Christmassy family photo sometime... Heck, I'll settle for not Christmassy, just all three (four, if we include Nina) of us looking decent and in focus. I'll share if it ever happens.


soda said...

Aw man, best pickle story in the history of pickles.

Anja said...

henry looks unbearably cute in the photo with his mate. haha, I am so glad for that pickle story! much love xx

Maja said...

Wow, Henry is so cute, and looks so grown up now, doing stuff! He also looks like a little elf (a lord of the rings glamorous type). Such a cute lopapeysa :)

I've got to try to write a post soon too. A pre-christmas one so I can then do a christmas one.

olga said...

Hmm, that pickle story could really have been a post unto itself, hey guys? My draft was literally just 'pickle', which is funny enough on its own.

Maja, I look forward to your pre-Christmas post! But at the same time, if you don't really feel like adding another thing to your to-do list, I can totally understand that!

Gil Liane said...

OMG, Henry is so cute. I love your tree!Your post is so happy & Christmas-y :)