Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Merry, etc.

I just found a mix CD that Anja made for me last year for my birthday, but I never really listened to it properly. So I'm currently enjoying the sounds of Kate Bush, Coco Rosie and Nancy Sinatra - who needs Christmas music?

Yesterday I delivered cards to some of the family, and I'm hoping I didn't forget too many people. I ran into my cousin's husband, who told me that they deliver their cards on the 24th, which somehow convinced me that everyone does that, and I was an idiot for not doing so... Hello, seasonal anxiety, where did you come from?

Anyway, I came home and Ross informed me that I was a dork for worrying about it, which I was, of course! A couple of people came by with cards yesterday, so it obviously isn't a sacred tradition here to only deliver cards on Christmas eve. And even if it were, who cares? I don't think anyone will get angry at me for giving them a a card on the incorrect day...

I think the worrying was probably to do with Christmas traditions - Henry is eighteen months old, so he's almost at the point where he'll start remembering things, and I want him to have awesome fun memories of the holidays! But I think my awesome fun memories are more to do with people, rather than particular activities.

So my message for anyone else feeling bad holiday feelings: as long as you're not hurting anyone, you're probably not doing Christmas wrong. And worrying about it will suck the fun out of everything and defeat the whole purpose, so, you know, don't.

Aaaaand that's my upbeat Christmas post! Hope you guys enjoy the holidays, if you're celebrating them, and I'll no doubt update with a million photos of Henry and his million presents!


Unnur said...

I don't think you can do Xmas incorrectly. Give lots of love and things are OK. Can't wait to see you guys. Lots of love. mum

Gil Liane said...

Yeah, when mum wanted to put the tree up, I got all worried about what day you're supposed to put it up, because someone told me once that there's a specific date and I didn't want to do it wrong... & mum was all, Gillian, seriously?! What does it matter?! Put the tree up whenever makes you happy, ie whatever day you wake up and feel like that's a good day to hang out and decorate. So I totally get how you felt! It's true, just enjoying the season is best & not worrying about the Yuletide rules/preferences :)