Friday, November 9, 2012

Hospitals and books!

Soooo... How's things?

We've had a rough couple of weeks - last Sunday, Henry started getting pretty upset while trying to poo, so Ross took him to the local hospital. The doctor there wasn't quite sure about what to do, so we went to the emergency room in Akureyri. On our summer tyres. Yay?

There was a bit of snow and ice on the highest part of the road, but Ross drove (and is amazing), so we were fine.  Henry had calmed down a lot, and even fell asleep towards the end of the drive. We ended up hanging out in the emergency waiting room with a sleeping baby for a while, which was good, as they were apparently pretty busy behind the scenes.

(Weird aside: there were three other people in the waiting room, and then one of the nurses came out and said 'Olga?' I thought it was odd that they said my name, not Henry's and then it turned out that one of the other ladies was also named Olga. This does not ever happen to me. Ever.)

Anyway, Henry remained mostly happy while we waited, but got upset again a couple of times. Long (AND TMI!) story short, he was basically super constipated, which they sorted out with the aid of a handy hose and some sort of fluid. ERGH.
Poor dude, it was so hard to see him suffering, and soooo hard to try to hold him down while doctors did all the various upsetting things.

He was pretty chipper afterwards, and stayed awake until midnight, when we finally got sent to the childrens' ward for the night. The kids' ward was lovely, so many toys and games and movies, and Henry had a fun time (apart from the medical stuff).

Next day, my second cousin's husband Stebbi kindly brought our snow tyres to Akureyri, as he was on the way anyway. So we got home on Monday evening, and had some much needed rest.

Henry took the rest of the week to get back to 100%, but he's been great the past couple of days - back to his usual self! Huzzah! We've been trying to get more vegies and wholegrains into him, which is a bit hit and miss, but he's doing really well.


What else? Apart from Henry's drama-o-rama, there was a massive blizzard last weekend, and we're expecting another one tonight... Everyone was snowed in for a couple of days, and now there's piles of snow everywhere - although there's been some melting and refreezing, so it's pretty difficult to get around at the moment.

Ooh, ooh, I remember! I'm supposed to go to a book club tonight, it's been organised by a girl that Ross went to Icelandic class with. We have to decide on a book to read tonight, assuming the weather stays okay... I'm not sure what to suggest, I'm weirdly worried about making everyone read something that they end up hating. Ah, good old me, always finding something to worry about!

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be awesome fun, if you have any good recommendations that will make me look cool, let me know!


northern musings said...

posted at 2:31am - What's up Olga????

Have fun at the book club - don't worry am sure that someone else will probably come up with worse books, or be like me and have the fall back pride and prejudice position (or do they have to be modern books - and also, what language???)

KH said...

Aw, glad all that drama ended well! Hope things are good.

Gil Liane said...

Poor little Henry (and poor mum and dad!). Maybe try some sips of prune juice, kids kind of like the sweetness? I'm like you, I could never suggest a book club book- and so funny, because I was totally going to suggest just going with Jane Austen as well! LOL