Saturday, October 6, 2012


Here is a somewhat funny situation. It might be ironic, but I'm so hesitant to use that word ever.
I started out writing a post the other day, wherein I congratulated myself on my rad parenting skills with regards to toothbrushing:
Henry does not like to have his teeth brushed, so we'd just about resorted to pinning him down and getting it over with. This, however, led to much screeching, and I was a bit paranoid that he'd be traumatised for life.

Then last night I set up a drive-thru toothbrushing system. Henry scoots around on his little car, then we drive up to Ross, who makes fun brushy noises while he cleans Henry's teeth. Before he gets sick of it, we back off and drive around some more. Yay, funtimes!

Mmm, self-congratulatory! I think that since Henry has started saying 'no', it feels like a victory when we manage to convince him to do something. He seems to have really strong opinions about stuff, so when I get through to him, I feel like a winner!

Anyway, the ironic part (if that word means what I think it means) is that the day after my super-parenting, Henry woke up from his afternoon nap and would not stop crying. This is so unusual for him, so I figured he must be in some sort of pain - bellyache, toothache? We ended up going to the doctor, where we discovered that he has a pretty bad ear infection.

Because it was quite bad, I feel like I probably should have noticed earlier and taken him to the doctor a week or two ago... Baaaaaaad parenting! was my gut reaction.
On the other hand, he didn't have a temperature or anything, and he has been teething and a bit flu-y since he started leikskoli. So I guess I didn't do too badly - as soon as he communicated that something was wrong, I took him to the hospital. It just seemed a little too neat, coming straight after my 'I am awesome!' post. Ah well, such is life.

Anyway, I'm now getting the chance to use all my baby-manipulation skills to convince him to take his antibiotics and panadol. He seems much chirpier now, so we're all pretty relieved and happy.


 What else? It is quite lovely and autumny at the moment, I have decided that autumn is vastly underrated. Or maybe I have just underrated it all my life - I am appreciating it now, though.

Mum and Dad are still here, picking up all the slack, and hopefully having a good time with us. Between walking dogs and babysitting and cementing the shed, their days are pretty busy. It is so nice having them here...

Hmm, I'm sure that many things have happened that I wanted to write about, but I can't remember any of it. I have picked up a cold from somewhere (mostly likely Henry and his germy friends), and I'm feeling like the biggest wimp right now! Time to go to sleep and feel better in the morning.


Anna said...

of course he has an ear infection. OF course

That is a really nice photo of Henry and Dad. Awesome.

Unnur said...

Autumn in Sau├░arkrokur is quite spectacular. Our Henry has been very brave with his ear infection and teething. Still working on how to pack Henry comfortably into our bag.

Maja said...

You're not the only one who missed him having an ear infection though. You can't be the perfect parent, no one can. Olivia is always batting at her ears these days, and my mum is ALWAYS saying omg she might have an ear infection, but I'm always like no it's coz she's teething.

I know how great it must be having your parents around, shame they have to go home! I love having my parents here on tap.

Love the drive through brushing system!