Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day!

Hey guys, I found a new way of keeping Henry from climbing all the way up the stairs...

Well, maybe not. Henry walked out of the lounge room, and when I went to check on him half a minute later, there he was, patting the Nina. It was one of those situations where I couldn't decide whether to tell him off or get the camera. So, I got the camera first, although the shot above was followed by this one...

... as he started 'climbing down'. It's usually more of a slide / controlled tumble. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually.


In other news, today is Fathers' Day in Australia, which is my excuse for not knowing about it here in Iceland. Luckily, we had decided to have pancakes for breakfast anyway!

Henry totally enjoyed them, as evidenced by the fact that he couldn't even stop jamming food in his mouth long enough to smile for the photo. Good stuff.


My Dad unfortunately missed out on pancakes as he drove to Reykjavik yesterday, but maybe I'll make them again sometime while he's here.

I have yet to take a really great photo of my dad and my son together, I'll definitely work on that one soon - maybe I'll use some of this polaroid film that my brother sent me! Woo!

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