Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Here's a link that I found in a draft from a hundred years ago, so everyone has probably seen it, but just in case you haven't - lovely and sad photos of old farm animals.

So, now the post is post-worthy, even if I don't include much else of interest (but I'll add some more things anyway...)

AUGH WASPS! was a thing that happened recently. We discovered a nest inside an old barbeque on our back porch, and it was gross and scary. I read something recently about how you shouldn't blindly hate wasps, because they are interesting creatures with a complex society and all that jazz, but when it comes down to it:

 We couldn't find any wasp poison at the hardware store, so Sigga's boyfriend Arni found some in his shed and came over in the middle of the night to bring death to the nest. Next day Ross set the thing on fire and then stomped on it - you can't be too careful!

Stomp. Plus maybe I should clean my windows...

What else? Ross has been working really hard in the garden since we got back - the lawn was about a metre tall, so that was the first job. After that he ended up painting the fence, weeding all the beds, building up rock walls and making steps leading up to the decking. It looks great (sorry I don't have photos), but Ross still has lots of plans, including a hedge, more paths and a garden bench.

Oh yeah, and hardworking Ross also cleared out the whole shed/barn at the side of the house. When we moved in, Ingolfur generously said that we could keep everything that was out there. There were a couple of things of interest, but most of it was actual rubbish - bits of engine, broken furniture, mismatched tires, old tents, and sooo much rubble from the walls.



 And one of the front garage bit:

We hired a skip bin, and Ross was ruthless - he'd been watching Hoarders for inspiration, so even if things were useable/sellable in theory, if we weren't realistically going to use it, it got chucked. Amma came over while he was throwing out a mouldy broken piece of chipboard from an Ikea cupboard, and she seemed a little distressed that he wasn't keeping it.
I have to admit that I stayed away because I know I have a tendency to keep things I don't need. It does feel nice to have space, though, so maybe I'm gradually getting used to the idea of minimalism.

 Haha, as I've been detailing all the hard work Ross has been doing, he made me lunch. I am a lucky person.

I tried to do some uncluttering in the house while Ross was out slaving - gave away a whole bunch of Henry's baby clothes, sorted out a bit of my yarn stash, set up some op-shop bags and did a tonne of laundry. We're also making a conscious effort to get into good routines, both with Henry and the house in general. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it all up once Ross goes back to work.

What about Henry news? He's been growing teeth all over the place, poor guy. He's getting some molars, which seem to be quite painful, but he's still pretty chipper most of the time.

Watermelon is a good teething remedy

Henry has also been learning to play the drums...

... and hanging out with Nina and some tinsel.

And I think that's it. We're just enjoying pottering around at home, making the most of Ross' holidays. Good times.


Gil Liane said...

Oh, poor little Henry's teeth! Wasps freak me out, it's a relief to get rid of them. Am glad you're enjoying being home :)

Maja said...

Wasps are nightmarish, I find them super scary because they don't stop at one sting. I got stung about 5 times here when I was pruning the vines that used to grow on the back fence. The wasps were attracted to the purple flowers on it. So painful. We got rid of the vines. I didn't realise there were wasps in Iceland.

It's essential to be ruthless with junk, otherwise you keep it and it sits there taking up space. That hoarders show is great inspiration. I always ask myself "yes it could come in handy but WILL it?" So hard though! I've got to start going through our junk and getting rid of some, too.

KH said...

Nice work on the barn, that place was hellish before!

While I remember, here's a neat thing on the psychology of hoarding, and a handy tip for throwing shit out:

geezer squeezer! said...

Thanks for that link Kristinn, I am totally going to use the anti-endowment effect on myself.

Maja said...

Oops, that was me, I didn't realise JJ was still logged in.

Maja said...
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Maja said...
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