Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello again! Before you get upset at me for not posting anything, here's the dude (and his Dad), in various adorable poses:

The reason for my lack of communication is a good one: I started working again! See, I had previously talked to my mum's cousin Herdis and decided that I could work with her at Askaffi again. She said she had plenty of staff for the summer, but that she's going to keep it open on weekends over the winter, so she would need some help then.

I plodded along, assuming I'd start working in September, and I heard from Sigga that Herdis had been meaning to call me - and I said haha, yeah, I've been meaning to call her, too, but no rush, right? Turns out her summer staff were all going back to school earlier than she'd expected, so she phoned me last Saturday night, pretty keen for me to work the following Monday, and as much of the week as I could.

So I ended up going from no work (la la la, stay-at-home-mum), to six days last week, with very little notice! Fun times! Luckily Vicki was able to look after the dude for a couple of days, and then Dad arrived and said that he'd love the opportunity to hang out with Henry all day every day.

Also, as previously noted, Askaffi is a nice place to work - the customers are mostly tourists, mostly having an awesome time, and mostly super appreciative of everything. Nice.

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Gil Liane said...

The dude is just 100 percent adorable 24/7! So glad you're enjoying work :)