Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ah, the photo post, finally! Unfortunately I did not become super bold photographer lady overnight, so here's some of the photos I did actually get around to taking!

First day here, hi Amma and Afi! And ooh, look, what are those tall green things just outside the window?

Haircut! by Nonno, who has the most amazing reflexes - every time Henry tried to grab the scissors, they were magically just out of reach. Skillz.

And then Henry helped his Afi clean the ute.

Not at all a comprehensive list of things we've been doing... Let me see if I can fill in some blanks:

Oh my gosh you guys, No Lights No Lycra was totally fun and bizarre and like nothing else I've ever done. We got there are there were some theatre-student type people doing stretches, which weirded me out a bit. Turns out it's kind of an exercise thing (hence the 'No Lycra'), an opportunity to move in whatever way you'd like for an hour and a half.
So I danced like a fool for most of the session, and Kristinn managed to put some quiet songs in the playlist, so there was a little bit of time for resting. I still managed to bruise my heel stomping too enthusiastically, and I had some pretty strained muscles the next day, but overall: WIN.

Um um um. Okay, let's quickly summarise about a week and a half of fun filled activities: getting a sneak peek at my friend Gillian's manuscript (it's awesome, and now I'm hanging out for the rest of it); eating shakshuka with some lovely ladies at an organic vegetarian restaurant here in the hills (it was pretty tasty, but not as good as the one I remember from Riki Blakes in North Perth); and general shopping and foods and friends and family.

Yesterday Ross made sausages at his Nonna's house. Since Henry is still so little, Ross told me to just bring him later on, after all the messy work was done - just in time for dinner!

The biggest no-no - Henry tries to yank down everyone's hard work

Mum and Dad came with me so we could all do some car shuffling, and they stayed for a bit of a chat. Also, Nonna made them eat some cold meats and cakes - she is a master at getting people to eat something.

Big family dinner post sausages - lots of pasta, some of the sausage meat cooked up and bread to soak it all up. Soo good.

Today we're having a Jonsson family do, should be lots of fun!


northern musings said...

thank you for posting Olga! Looks like it has been good fun so far! We miss you guys heaps

Vicki said...

Yes missing you guys. Please take more photos, so I can see what you have been up to when you get back.
Love you all and cuddle Henry for me.