Wednesday, June 27, 2012


WHOA am I actually writing something here? Yes, yes I am. As I have said previously, I feel like I blog for my mum, and seeing as she's right here, I lack a bit of motivation.

Anyway. Perth is great. We've done heaps of catching up with various people, but haven't taken very many photos... Shall try to rectify that in the future, but in the meantime you'll have to imagine me doing awesome stuff all over the place.

Henry had a joint birthday party with his Nonno Nick (Ross' Dad) on Saturday night at the Vines hotel. It was pretty fancy and nice, and fun except for the parts where Henry was teething and a bit cranky and tired. Poor wee man.
He didn't even get to the party until 8pm - it started at 6.30, but I just told everyone he was making a dramatic late entrance for maximum effect. In reality, he was napping in a stroller just outside the door, but when I told people that, they looked at me like I'd murdered him just for the hell of it. I guess letting babies sleep in unattended* prams is not an okay thing here - always good to be reminded of cultural differences.

* There were a pile of kids running up and down in the hallways, but I don't think that counts as supervision...

Kristinn was officially photographing the party, and I think he got a tonne of good shots, now he's just trying to edit them down to the best ones. He made this awesome gif from a set of sibling photos that he tried to take. Best thing.

After the party we stayed in an apartment nearby for a couple of nights, which was pretty convenient.
 We went to visit Ross' aunt Donna in Chidlow, which was a nice little road trip on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately Henry's teeth were really hurting him, so he basically cried on and off for most of the day. We had to cut the visit a bit short, which was a bummer, but we weren't really very good company anyway...

Sunday night was terrible, Henry had a scary fever that was pretty hard to shake. He woke up at midnight boiling hot and crying, so we just sat quietly and tried to make him comfortable. He got really shivery and trembly for a while, and was too weak to stand up properly. Ugh, it was the opposite of fun.
Luckily the fever broke around 5am, so we had a good couple of hours sleep in the morning. Still no sign of the tooth that was most likely causing all the pain, but surely it's on its way.

What else have we been doing? Oh, all of the things! I went to the movies with my brother and sister and saw Cabin in the Woods, and thought it was pretty awesome and interesting. We ate delicious tacos and then churros. So good.

I have bought so many clothes and shoes and toothbrushes and a mini-hairdryer - this is the first time I've owned a hairdryer in my life. I am theoretically a grown up, but sometimes I'm not quite sure.

We visited my cousin Maja and her husband Jason and saw their adorable squishy little Olivia, they are all happy and gorgeous as always.

I have caught up with quite a few lovely friends and family, all of whom are wonderful and fun.

Tonight Ross is playing a show with his brother (at the Rosemount at 8pm, if you want to head down!), and my brother is DJing at No Lights No Lycra, so Mum gets to babysit again tonight! Everybody wins!

I promise I'll try to update more regularly, and I'll also do my best to make photos happen!

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northern musings said...

Hey sweetness - you blog for me and ma and Vicki now!!!! I almost jumped for joy when I saw that you had posted something! Poor Henry, not good that he is not feeling the best. Good that your ma is getting a chance to bond with the dude. Continue having a wonderful time, love and hugs to you Ross and the little man whom we all miss sooooo much!