Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthday boy!

Yesterday was Henry's first birthday, I am still finding it hard to believe that he's a whole year old.

From this...

To this! in just one easy terrifying awesome year.

We didn't have a massive party or anything, just a bit of a family dinner.  And of course, we took the opportunity to wear party hats and play with balloons.

Nina does not like her party hat.

I made a cake in 'hospital green' - I was going for blue, but the butter icing was pretty yellow to begin with - oops. I think I'm better at cooking than baking, I prefer a bit of improvisation*.

So while my lasagna was totally delicious, praise for the cake probably peaked at 'edible'. Ah well, never mind, I'll get in some practice before next year. And it looks okay on a photo, right?

* Okay, okay, I just can't be bothered getting all the 'exact' ingredients for anything, so I substitue and approximate, which I believe is a no-no in baking. I remember reading once that cooking is an art, but baking is a science**.

**Which is weird because if you'd asked me, I would say that I'm better at science than art. Oh well.

Oh man, and I must share the super ultra mega cutest story from last night: When it was time for bed, Ross asked Henry if he'd like to go upstairs and have a bath. Henry started to head for the stairs, but before he left the room, he turned around and waved to everyone, completely unprompted. Okay, maybe you had to be there, but I basically died of cute. What a dude.


What else? It is now less than a week until we leave! We're going to do some mega washing today, then hopefully finish the main packing by tomorrow. The plan is to pack really light and do a tonne of shopping in Australia, which definitely takes the pressure off. Forgot to pack any socks? Buy some new ones, they're cheaper anyway!

While we've been over here, our Australian accounts have been quietly collecting royalties and tax returns, so we've got a bit of spending money. Most of Ross' is earmarked for records, mine will probably go on clothes and lollies.

I am twitchy with excitement (or is that the third cup of coffee?), so much so that I think I need to go and do ALL the packing. Right now!


Unnur said...

Oh I am so counting the sleeps. See you in a week!!!!Yay!

Gil Liane said...

Happy Birthday Henry!! :) The cake looks great in the pic Olga :)

Maja said...

Yay yay yay!

northern musings said...

Totally agree with the super cuteness of the nighty night wave that we got! He is AMAZING!!!

Anna said...

Is this your reference Olga?

Yeoncheol CHOO said...
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Yeoncheol CHOO said...

oh my god. super cute. ^^!!!!! You are with an angel!