Thursday, May 3, 2012

Passports and bed hair...

What's up, dudes?

Henry and I got our Australian passports in the mail, although the envelope was addressed to Ross for some reason. I'm guessing it might be yet another security measure to stop one parent secretly getting a passport for a kid, then skipping the country. Does this happen a lot? There seem to be lots of steps in place to stop it from happening, so maybe it is a widespread problem...

Anyway, they are good passports - yay for taking your own photos! And apparently with baby passports, you're allowed to update the photo for free, so your four year old doesn't have to try to look like his tiny baby self while you're travelling.

 What else? Kristinn is still here, and seems content to hang about and take photos and chill out, Sauðárkrókur style. We are planning to have a bit of a night out this weekend for Ross' birthday, so that will hopefully be a bit fun and exciting.

Also Kristinn is flying to Reykjavik from Akureyri, so we'll spend a day there next week - I guess maybe Akureyri isn't quite as exciting if you've just come from Paris and Berlin and are on your way to New York, but never mind. I am looking forward to the big city!

Gratuitous Henry: bed hair edition.

Ross has said that Henry and I have the same hairstyle when we wake up in the morning - I think the dude looks adorable, therefore my hair is also great? Winner!

Well, the post is over. If you don't have any plans for where to go next, do you want to go watch a weird and hilarious video? (Or four?) It's a guy on a buffalo!


Unnur said...

My Henry with bedhair looks soooo adorable, I could eat him. Happy birthday Ross my favourite son in law!!!!

Unnur said...
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Maja said...

I've never heard of those kind of passport measures. Weird!

I've been trying to see who Henry looks like lately, and he does look a lot like you. Definitely same hair colour as you. He's got the cutest chubby cheeks!