Friday, May 4, 2012

Namey names again!

Saw this post on Jezebel: How to name your baby without screwing it up. It doesn't really say anything I haven't seen before (trends, blah, judgement, blah, do what you want, etc), but the comments are great. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not the only one who really really cares about names and where they come from.

So one of the comments led me to this great site called Behind the Name. It has all the usual origins of the name, variations, meanings and whatnot - but then there's a COMMENTS section. Which is where everyone just chimes in with their impression of a name, based on nothing but their own stupid gut impulses.

Warning - don't look up your own name if you're feeling a bit fragile, because apparently my name brings to mind the following:
"it makes me picture a very skinny, wrinkly-faced woman with hair dyed way too red and with too much eye make-up and heavily framed glasses"

"When I hear the name Olga I think of an old witch like lady."

"It's strange because it sometimes reminds me of a fair pretty woman, but then again it reminds me of an ugly old lady with warts all over her face and it sometimes reminds me of an ogre..."

My favourite is this gem:
"I hate it. It gives the image of an overweight, dirty, medieval peasant who feasts off raw animal meat and believes chicken bones bring good luck. Pretty unpleasant image, isn't it?"
-- Black_X  5/9/2010

Well, yes, that is an unpleasant image, but it's not in any way embedded into the name. It's an unpleasant image that comes from your unpleasant brain, Black_X. And why does anyone feel the need to share their gross negative opinions, anyway? Oh yeah, that's right - because internets.

 The original link in the Jezebel comments was to the section for the name 'Nevaeh' - people have strong feelings about that name, too...


Unnur said...

Sorry, sorry We thought of the name Joy for you. Also Noelle. So maybe Olga isn´t so bad.

olga said...

Oh, don't worry Mum - I love my name now, I'm not upset by jerks on the internet... That reminds me though, I may have to look up the comments for Joy and Noelle!

Maja said...

The name Olga just reminds me of this hot bass guitarist I know.

I started to enjoy reading comments on articles more than the articles themselves. There are so many wankers on the internet and they love to show what jerks they are!