Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grood. Great and good.

So what is up, fellow humans?

Today's weather was lovely, ten degrees and sunny, so we went for a walk up the hill to see some lambs. We didn't manage to get up close and personal with any of them, because I think they were a tad nervous around Nina, but it was okay. As a consolation prize, we patted some horses!

Horses are not scared of Nina.

Horses are not scared of anyone.

Henry got to pat the ponies, which was super cute - his only previous encounters with horses have been in pie/ curry form, but I think he liked the fuzzy kind just as much.

Ooh, and on a somewhat related note (in case you were thinking, 'but who is that person with the short hair holding your son?' (okay, you totally weren't but let me segue, dammit!)), I got a haircut!

You know what is an awesome idea? Take one, and only one photo of your new haircut, with a weird expression on your face, and then decide to blog anyway without bothering to take another. Good times.

Anyway, I was still undecided when I went to the hairdresser, but she totally talked me into it and I am pleased with the result! I had some big regrets that night, but I'm getting used to it now - I think I really do need to take a whole week until I decide whether I like new hair...

Here's some gratuitous Henry and Nina:

Window series, Muscle Man May edition

I think that's all the news from here... Ross is feeling pretty under the weather, so I'm hoping he takes the day off tomorrow - he works too hard!

Ooh, and not really my news, but my cousin Maja has had her baby! Little Olivia was born on Friday the 18th of May, and she looks so chubby and adorable and squishy - big congratulations to the whole happy family! I'm so glad that we're heading over there soon, can't wait to give everyone massive hugs!

Basically, if this isn't nice, I don't know what is.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy mothers' day, folks! And happy mothers' day to me, huzzah! Henry celebrated by not sleeping properly this weekend - I think it was teething and/or bellyache related, but it wasn't terribly fun either way.

But who could stay mad at this face?

We have started watching Playschool on a DVD that Mum brought over - Henry is really into it. It's quite interesting to watch as a grownup, I'm seeing all the sideways glances and smirks and stuff ups that I never noticed before. It must be pretty hard to keep a straight face all the time...

This led to Ross and I trying to decide how one gets a job as a Playschool presenter. We figured it's some kind of drama classes, a good singing voice, and most important: the ability to make a convincing elephant noise. Alas, my elephant noise is quite sad and unimpressive, so it's unlikely that I'll ever make it on TV.

Henry and I went and visited a friend from playgroup today, and we had a really nice time. Her baby is just three weeks older than Henry, so they're at a good age to interact with each other without hurting each other. She also has a fenced in yard and two little dogs, so Nina came and played, too!

I sometimes think I should make more of an effort to socialise, both for my sake and Henry's. It's super good for him to learn how to deal with other babies, and it does me good to get out of the house. On the other hand, I'm not one of those people who gets sick of alone time, so I'm probably getting a suitable amount of human contact - hopefully Henry feels the same way.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Namey names again!

Saw this post on Jezebel: How to name your baby without screwing it up. It doesn't really say anything I haven't seen before (trends, blah, judgement, blah, do what you want, etc), but the comments are great. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not the only one who really really cares about names and where they come from.

So one of the comments led me to this great site called Behind the Name. It has all the usual origins of the name, variations, meanings and whatnot - but then there's a COMMENTS section. Which is where everyone just chimes in with their impression of a name, based on nothing but their own stupid gut impulses.

Warning - don't look up your own name if you're feeling a bit fragile, because apparently my name brings to mind the following:
"it makes me picture a very skinny, wrinkly-faced woman with hair dyed way too red and with too much eye make-up and heavily framed glasses"

"When I hear the name Olga I think of an old witch like lady."

"It's strange because it sometimes reminds me of a fair pretty woman, but then again it reminds me of an ugly old lady with warts all over her face and it sometimes reminds me of an ogre..."

My favourite is this gem:
"I hate it. It gives the image of an overweight, dirty, medieval peasant who feasts off raw animal meat and believes chicken bones bring good luck. Pretty unpleasant image, isn't it?"
-- Black_X  5/9/2010

Well, yes, that is an unpleasant image, but it's not in any way embedded into the name. It's an unpleasant image that comes from your unpleasant brain, Black_X. And why does anyone feel the need to share their gross negative opinions, anyway? Oh yeah, that's right - because internets.

 The original link in the Jezebel comments was to the section for the name 'Nevaeh' - people have strong feelings about that name, too...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Passports and bed hair...

What's up, dudes?

Henry and I got our Australian passports in the mail, although the envelope was addressed to Ross for some reason. I'm guessing it might be yet another security measure to stop one parent secretly getting a passport for a kid, then skipping the country. Does this happen a lot? There seem to be lots of steps in place to stop it from happening, so maybe it is a widespread problem...

Anyway, they are good passports - yay for taking your own photos! And apparently with baby passports, you're allowed to update the photo for free, so your four year old doesn't have to try to look like his tiny baby self while you're travelling.

 What else? Kristinn is still here, and seems content to hang about and take photos and chill out, Sauðárkrókur style. We are planning to have a bit of a night out this weekend for Ross' birthday, so that will hopefully be a bit fun and exciting.

Also Kristinn is flying to Reykjavik from Akureyri, so we'll spend a day there next week - I guess maybe Akureyri isn't quite as exciting if you've just come from Paris and Berlin and are on your way to New York, but never mind. I am looking forward to the big city!

Gratuitous Henry: bed hair edition.

Ross has said that Henry and I have the same hairstyle when we wake up in the morning - I think the dude looks adorable, therefore my hair is also great? Winner!

Well, the post is over. If you don't have any plans for where to go next, do you want to go watch a weird and hilarious video? (Or four?) It's a guy on a buffalo!