Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walk this way...

Hey everyone, how has your week been?

Ours has been pretty fun and eventful! Apparently after you figure out the basics of walking, you almost immediately learn how to stand up without assistance, open the living room door and make a mad dash for the stairs... Walking: it's a gateway skill.

'Henry likes spaghetti quite a lot', part two

Wiggle wiggle wiggle GO!

We've started watching Yo Gabba Gabba videos on Youtube while I'm trying to get Henry dressed in the mornings - it's like a magical stop-squirming button... It's surprisingly enjoyable, most of the songs are quite entertaining, and the guest stars are often people and bands that I like. My current favourite song is probably Hold Still, but I love the sentiment of Don't Bite Your Friends. I think we can all learn a lot from that one.

Who loves boxes?

The dude loves boxes!

Vicki and I went to a business expo thing at the high school today - it wasn't the sort of thing I would normally attend, but in a town this big, anything out of the ordinary becomes an exciting event! We had a pretty good time, all the little stalls were giving away free stuff: chocolates, cans of coke, cheese, frisbees - I even got a hollowed out sheep's horn for Nina to chew on. They're apparently the hot new trend in doggie treats, FYI. Oh, how I am behind the times.

Speaking of which, I just joined twitter. I don't really think I'll post anything there, I mostly want an easy way to read everyone else's stuff. Feel free to suggest awesome people for me to follow in the comments!

And now for something completely different:


northern musings said...

Your son is just far too cute... what a face! I was wondering where the horse head was - whether it had been left behind in gay Paris....

Anna said...

Me! mordanthurts.

Now I can't stop watching yo gabba gabba.

Maja said...

Yo gabba gabba is so bizarre. I like it! Especially the dancing bits.

Great photos of Henry, he is the cutest! Those cheeks!

What is your twitter name? I'm MajaJonsdottir. I'm mainly using it to follow news websites and lately, aussie politicians. My favourite channel on tv at the moment is ABC24 (24 hour news from the abc) and they love reading out tweets from politicians.. there's so much drama going on here at the moment, though it's kind of fuelled mainly by the media. Anyway.. blah blah blah. Oh, I just noticed you've already followed me!

Anja said...

Henry in boxes = super cute times ten!
Nina with horse head = super frightening!

I am totally amazed by the happiness, educational wisdom, music and bright colours in those videos!
The first tv show I used to watch was this russian one:

Kerry and Stephen said...

I see Nina quite likes Yo Gabba Gabba videos too.

You have a very cute little boy there!