Thursday, April 5, 2012


Whoops, forgot to update every minute detail about my life over the past week or so - are you terribly sad? Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Henry has been a bit under the weather - he had a fever on the weekend, which was a bit scary and not much fun. Thank goodness for baby panadol, it is basically our new best friend.
I wasn't quite sure where the fever came from, whether it was teething related or maybe an ear infection? I am the queen of paranoia about ear infections (hi Anna!), so I took him to the doctor's yesterday just to cross it off the list. Everything looked fine though, so that's good.

Ross has worked a tonne of overtime over the past couple of weeks, but now he's got five days off for Easter! Yay! He wants to finish painting the dining room, but I think there'll be some time for relaxing as well. And after that, he has at least four nights' worth of proper sleep to look forward to while Henry and I are away.

I am continuing to fret a little bit about the trip, I will be very pleased when the interview part is done! I finished and signed off all the paperwork yesterday, so I think I just need to photocopy everything and then hope for the best.
On the one hand, I want it to be a straightforward interview that takes five minutes and is easy. On the other hand, if I go all the way to Copenhagen for five minutes, I may die of rage. Nah, easy and straightforward is definitely the best option - I may write an angry letter later on, if I can be bothered hanging onto the fury for long enough. But then again, who has the time or energy for that?


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