Sunday, April 8, 2012


Henry plays the glockenspiel! He's a musical genius!

Actually he mostly just likes to chew on the mallets, but I take that as a sign of his creative brilliance. Either that or he's still teething.


In other news, I put Skype and some baby fun time apps on my iPod - I love the future. I also started packing stuff into the fancy backpack that Sigga lent me. (Me: 'Oooh, that's a pretty quality backpack!' Sigga: 'Thanks, it's from when I was successful-business-lady TM'*) It has a bazillion pockets and is super comfortable, so I'm pretty excited about being organised and bringing All the Things.

*She didn't say the TM part, but I think it was implied. For the record, I think she is just as happy and successful now, if not more so. Read her blog and try to tell me otherwise.

I've also been trying to hire a stroller for while we're in Copenhagen. The site has had some issues with the fact that I'm not in Denmark (duh, I'm a tourist?), so I sent a bit of a cranky email on Thursday. And I got a response! On Good Friday! In Icelandic!

I'm still not sure what the problem is/was, but the lady has her tech guy working on it, so hopefully it will all be fine in the end. I'm just really pleased with the customer service - getting correspondence from an actual helpful person makes my day!
And if the order doesn't go through, then I'll just carry Henry in the Moby, or maybe even buy a stroller. Everybody wins!

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Maja said...

I hope the trip goes well :)