Sunday, April 29, 2012

Walk this way...

Hey everyone, how has your week been?

Ours has been pretty fun and eventful! Apparently after you figure out the basics of walking, you almost immediately learn how to stand up without assistance, open the living room door and make a mad dash for the stairs... Walking: it's a gateway skill.

'Henry likes spaghetti quite a lot', part two

Wiggle wiggle wiggle GO!

We've started watching Yo Gabba Gabba videos on Youtube while I'm trying to get Henry dressed in the mornings - it's like a magical stop-squirming button... It's surprisingly enjoyable, most of the songs are quite entertaining, and the guest stars are often people and bands that I like. My current favourite song is probably Hold Still, but I love the sentiment of Don't Bite Your Friends. I think we can all learn a lot from that one.

Who loves boxes?

The dude loves boxes!

Vicki and I went to a business expo thing at the high school today - it wasn't the sort of thing I would normally attend, but in a town this big, anything out of the ordinary becomes an exciting event! We had a pretty good time, all the little stalls were giving away free stuff: chocolates, cans of coke, cheese, frisbees - I even got a hollowed out sheep's horn for Nina to chew on. They're apparently the hot new trend in doggie treats, FYI. Oh, how I am behind the times.

Speaking of which, I just joined twitter. I don't really think I'll post anything there, I mostly want an easy way to read everyone else's stuff. Feel free to suggest awesome people for me to follow in the comments!

And now for something completely different:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Because you're mine...

... I walk the line!

So Henry is pretty awesome, we were eating lunch and he just let go of the table and wandered away. And it seemed like once he knew he could do it, he just kept on going! Yay!

Apart from that, there's not much going on - we're just having a nice quiet weekend. My proactive act of the day was to start getting rid of all the weeds that make up our yard.

Last year we had no idea what was in the garden, so I for one was just cheerful to see some green sprouts in spring. Turns out our garden is full of some sort of overbearing weed that everyone in town hates. Apparently our garden's status as 'ground zero' has been discussed in council meetings, so Sigga gave us a heads up that we should probably do something about it.

And speaking of Sigga, she's hosting a family get together this evening, so Henry has a wide audience for his newfound walking skills. Should be a lovely evening, maybe I'll even post about it later on...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Aha! After a long process of downloading things and trying to get computery stuff to work, I finally figured out how to get a copy of Henry's swimming video!

Do you want to see it? Sure you do!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Travel bug!

Trip to Copenhagen: done! I feel so completely relieved that it's over! And everything went pretty awesomely well!

We drove south on Tuesday. It was the first time I had ever had to navigate around Reykjavik, and we only got lost once - I am rather impressed with myself. The key thing seems to be: don't look at a map and try to remember street names, as those are almost never visible. All the signs for the exits just have suburb names on them, so you need to know where you want to end up, and then wait for that to show up on a sign.

It's quite hilarious that I get so stressed out driving in the 'big city'. I used to drive in Perth all the time, and now I freak out when I have to negotiate Reykjavik traffic. Oh no, I think I have to merge - what do I dooooo? Augh! TRAFFIC LIGHTS! Everyone panic!

Anyway, we made it to my aunt Matthildur's house, and she took good care of us. She made us a lovely dinner of spaghetti bolognese, which Henry devoured enthusiastically:

He got the hang of it really quickly - innate spaghetti skills.

The flight on Wednesday was beautifully uneventful. Keflavik airport does indeed have courtesy strollers, which I spotted just as my poor weak arms were about to give up in the check in queue. The flight itself was fine, and Henry was great! He slept for the first couple of hours, then played quietly for the next hour (hooray for new and novel toys!), and THEN it turned out that Vicki and I had both miscalculated the time difference, so the flight was an HOUR shorter than we thought! It was the best.
There were no problems with the landing, Henry didn't even seem to notice the pressure difference - I did get him to drink for most of the way down, so I think that helped a lot.

Copenhagen itself was good. The weather was beautiful, just nice and mild and sunny for the most part. Our hotel was nice, and came with breakfast and dinner included - it was awesome to not have to leave the building to get food for Henry.
My conversations with the stroller hire lady didn't come to anything, so I carried him in the moby, which was mostly okay. He gets pretty heavy after a while, but we didn't really do much shopping, just walked around and looked at the nice buildings.

The interview at the embassy was fine, there were a couple of things that needed to be changed on the form, so I guess it was worth the trip? The lady said the passports would probably arrive before the end of the month  - yay for that!

Friday we just headed for the airport via the main shopping street - and we found a collapsible stroller! We had been looking to get one, but I had no idea where you'd buy them, aside from specialised baby shops... It turns out there's at least one pharmacy type shop in the middle of Copenhagen that sells them, so keep that in mind for future reference.

Our trip home was okay, although Henry had a catnap just before the flight so he didn't sleep at all on the plane. I got a bit worried about it, but it turned out fine - he had a great time looking at new toys and listening to music.

First Henry has a turn...
... then the monkey gets a turn. Sharing is caring.

After that came more slightly harrowing driving to and around Reykjavik, and Henry and I stayed the night at my uncle Helgi's house. Again, we were really well looked after, had some yummy food and Henry even scored a little blue wagon from my cousin Gunni's kids. 

Kristinn arrived early Saturday morning, then we all drove north after lunch. It took aaaages, I think Henry had finally had enough of all the travelling... We had to stop quite a few times just to let him out of the carseat, but we finally made it to Sauðárkrókur around five. 

Ross was very pleased to see us, and it felt super good to be home. Henry remained a bit out of sorts for a day or so, but he seems to be back to his normal cheerful self today. I'm really proud of how well he did with all the moving about and changes to his routine - he has been such a little trooper. 

It definitely makes me feel better about the Australia trip, I reckon he'll adapt to everything and have an awesome time. So exciting, only two months until we leave!! Eeeeeeee!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Henry plays the glockenspiel! He's a musical genius!

Actually he mostly just likes to chew on the mallets, but I take that as a sign of his creative brilliance. Either that or he's still teething.


In other news, I put Skype and some baby fun time apps on my iPod - I love the future. I also started packing stuff into the fancy backpack that Sigga lent me. (Me: 'Oooh, that's a pretty quality backpack!' Sigga: 'Thanks, it's from when I was successful-business-lady TM'*) It has a bazillion pockets and is super comfortable, so I'm pretty excited about being organised and bringing All the Things.

*She didn't say the TM part, but I think it was implied. For the record, I think she is just as happy and successful now, if not more so. Read her blog and try to tell me otherwise.

I've also been trying to hire a stroller for while we're in Copenhagen. The site has had some issues with the fact that I'm not in Denmark (duh, I'm a tourist?), so I sent a bit of a cranky email on Thursday. And I got a response! On Good Friday! In Icelandic!

I'm still not sure what the problem is/was, but the lady has her tech guy working on it, so hopefully it will all be fine in the end. I'm just really pleased with the customer service - getting correspondence from an actual helpful person makes my day!
And if the order doesn't go through, then I'll just carry Henry in the Moby, or maybe even buy a stroller. Everybody wins!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Whoops, forgot to update every minute detail about my life over the past week or so - are you terribly sad? Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?

Henry has been a bit under the weather - he had a fever on the weekend, which was a bit scary and not much fun. Thank goodness for baby panadol, it is basically our new best friend.
I wasn't quite sure where the fever came from, whether it was teething related or maybe an ear infection? I am the queen of paranoia about ear infections (hi Anna!), so I took him to the doctor's yesterday just to cross it off the list. Everything looked fine though, so that's good.

Ross has worked a tonne of overtime over the past couple of weeks, but now he's got five days off for Easter! Yay! He wants to finish painting the dining room, but I think there'll be some time for relaxing as well. And after that, he has at least four nights' worth of proper sleep to look forward to while Henry and I are away.

I am continuing to fret a little bit about the trip, I will be very pleased when the interview part is done! I finished and signed off all the paperwork yesterday, so I think I just need to photocopy everything and then hope for the best.
On the one hand, I want it to be a straightforward interview that takes five minutes and is easy. On the other hand, if I go all the way to Copenhagen for five minutes, I may die of rage. Nah, easy and straightforward is definitely the best option - I may write an angry letter later on, if I can be bothered hanging onto the fury for long enough. But then again, who has the time or energy for that?


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