Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A song for every season

I have finally started using my iPod again - for some reason once I stopped working, I put the iPod into hibernation. Even without playing music, though, I tend to get songs stuck in my head on a regular basis. And then I find myself singing and I have no idea why, but it's usually for a fairly straightforward reason.

For example - lately Henry has been waking up around midnight-ish, hanging out for an hour or two, and then falling back asleep. I think it's teething related, as his second top tooth came through the other night, and last night was back to normal.
Anyway, depending on the time we get up, I find myself either singing this Billy Joel song, or this Frank Sinatra one. Clearly 3.30am is a better wake up time, songwise.

Also, when the weather is a bit freezing, we take entire walks where I have this Simone and Girlfunkle song in my head. And I am indebted to them for writing a song that has ousted Vanilla Ice for my default cold weather ear worm.


On a related note, I have Opinions about nursery rhymes. We listen to the CD that mum gave Henry at least once a day, and both Ross and I have reached a point where we have favourites. Pop goes the weasel is so ridiculous that it makes me angry, although I'm sure it's probably some sort of historical allegory, like Ring a ring o' roses, but I DO NOT CARE and still think it is dumb.

I think my favourite song on our album is one about ducks, maybe it's called Six little ducks? Not to be confused with Five little ducks, because that one is waaaaay too sad (yeah, I get it, who's ridiculous now?) No, Six little ducks is all upbeat, and Ross and I both have funny dances to go with it.*

* Man, I am regretting any links to any of our band stuff in the past. Just suppose you're a broody teenager who's really into my old band's dark sounds and air of mystery, and then suppose you found this blog and heard about our wibble wobble dances. It would make me sad, if I were that teenager. Oh well, teenagers are going to be sad and disappointed no matter what - welcome to the world!


And while we're talking about songs, I have to mention Ross' spectacular song-googling skills. Last night he had a song stuck in his head, and managed to find it on the internet based only on the line 'Laaaaa, la la la la laaaaah!' It was incredible.
Just in case your googling skills are inferior to his, I have to tell you the song was Crocodile Rock. Duh.


northern musings said...

I love that.... the angsty teenager finding your blog and being disappointed....
I couldn't stand that one about marching up a hill and then down again.... pointless military exercise - like most military exercises.

Maja said...

I can't actually remember how crocodile rock goes right now. I think it's a pregnancy blank.

Anonymous said...

it goes like this

laaaaaa la la la la laaaaaaaah