Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Schlaf, kindlein, schlaf

Henry stayed at his Nanna's house on the weekend, which was both awesome and terrible!

Awesome because Ross and I just spent a quiet night watching movies and hanging out. We watched Things to do in Denver When You're Dead, and 50/50, which made me cry like a little baby. Nina got heaps of pats and attention without the little man trying to pull her face off, and I slept for nine hours straight. It was so so nice.

On the other hand, it was a bit terrible because I don't think Vicki slept at all. Henry kicked up a fuss when she tried to put him in the crib, and carried on about it for nearly an hour. I think that was the worst part, but they both had a pretty restless night. Henry fell asleep in the pram on the way home and then had a four hour nap, which is a new record!

Anyway, we were definitely super appreciative for the break, and I'm sure it's good for Henry to get used to hanging out with people that aren't me. He sometimes has a bit of a whinge when I pass him over to anyone else, but it's not really affecting our daily life in any negative way... Yet.
Plus, it's a bit nice that he likes me so much, and in any case, as a wise woman once told me - this too shall pass.


What else? Henry has learned how to clap, and as a result he gives himself and everyone else a round of applause for doing anything. Or nothing. It's funny though, it seems like every time he learns a new thing, he stops doing any of the old things - so now instead of waving to you when you leave the room, he claps ('Yay, you're finally gone!' What a charmer.)

In other news, the internet is still awesome. I found a place where you can learn how to write computer code for free, which is kind of interesting and fun. I tend to race through the exercises, but I think I need to set up a way of revising and actually remembering things once I've 'learned' them.


Vicki said...

It wasn't that terrible as I am definitely willing to do it again. Apart from the initial crying stint...when he woke up each time he was happy and just wanted to play.

northern musings said...

Did I ever tell you about when I once (repeat once) baby sat Maja Stína.... she cried and cried and cried and cried... I cried and cried and cried and cried.... not good. I think Henry is a breeze in comparison... mind you am not thinking that me baby sitting him would be a good experiment in a scientific analysis of genetically inclined crying....

Maja said...

Wow a night off from parenting! haha, most babies I've seen are pretty attached to their mums in stages.

Clapping, how fun!

Unnur said...

Well done Olga and Ross for letting Henry "sleep at nanna's and well done Vicki fo volunteering. I wasn't very good on New Year's Eve, will practise
lots when you come out here. C U on Skype!!!

olga said...

You're right Vicki, terrible is probably too strong a word. It's hard to stay mad when he just wants to hang out and play, even if it is at 4am...

Ha ha, Sigga, no I did not hear about that, but I can imagine the fun - you would only have been little yourself, right? I wouldn't have left a baby with sixteen year old me...

Maja, yessss, night off! Yay for grandmas!

Mum - going to Akureyri today, so Skype tomorrow instead?