Saturday, February 18, 2012


It's the weekend!

I bought some headphones for Henry from the internet - I figured that he'll probably need some so we can entertain him on the flight to Australia. I decided to do the right thing and just order them from the US, and pay the customs fee that Iceland charges on anything that comes into the country - boo!

I had kind of resigned myself to paying a percentage of the value, and I found out that it's about 25%. Yikes, but okay, do the right thing, right? The headphones cost $17.99 US, which is about 2000 kronas. So, 500kr extra, right? Nope.

They charge 25% of the entire amount you paid, including postage from the US ($12). And then they have three separate random fees, including 500kr for 'handling' - sure dudes, feel free to charge me for the privilege of being charged a made up fee, that doesn't make anyone annoyed.

So for a thing that cost 2000kr, I paid 3000 in customs fees - that is more than the value of the item itself. Blergh! And snuh, and also pffft and grargh! I know there are many bigger things wrong in the world, but for some reason this just makes me incoherent with rage.

Anyway, I could talk for hours about how ridiculous and stupid it is, but I don't want to. If you ever want to bring it up in person sometime, be prepared for a tirade filled with angry noises instead of words.


In other news, here's some stuff I like on the internet:

Captain Awkward - Advice column from an awesome human who is dedicated to embracing the awkwardness of life and using your words to get what you want.

This article about stupid defenses of sexism from Cracked is all kinds of great. 

Monster Bark is a flash game about a puppy who has to save his friends from monsters. I liked it, up until I got stuck in a maze level where you just have to run really fast. I hate those kinds of levels.

Unfuck your habitat is a tumblr about cleaning and organising your stuff, so you don't have to live in piles of clutter. I know, I know, it's not something I'm terribly good at (yet!), but a girl can dream...

P.S. Do you have any links to things that are awesome? I like looking at awesome stuff!


Gil Liane said...

Actors with identical twins TOTALLY trip me out (especially if they both act, & you don't realise you've been watching 2 different people over the years!).
I also love this art site that just puts random quotes with artwork from throughout history. I visit it quite often.

northern musings said...

Íslandspóst is legalised theft!

olga said...

Haha, that list is awesome, Gillian, I had no idea that X-men and Animorphs guy was two different people! And butdoesitfloat is lovely, quite inspirational, really.

Sigga, yep. That's all there is to say about it!

Maja said...

There must be a way around that customs shit over there. Sooo annoying.