Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ode to Cheerios

The longer I don't post, the harder it is to start again! Boo!

Everything has been fine around these parts - Henry continues to grow teeth, Ross works super hard and Nina eats all the things. And I potter around being occasionally useful and always awesome.

Ross worked on the weekend, at Fisk in the morning and then at my great uncle's farm in the afternoon - so many conflicting smells! He said he wasn't too fussed about working, as that would give him an excuse to put off painting the dining room. Then when he got into work and asked what he'd be doing, what was the reply? Painting! Poor guy.

We had dinner at Vicki's on Saturday night, and it was lovely as usual. We caught up with interesting people and ate delicious food - every time I have bread and butter pudding, I promise myself that I'll make it at home sometime, but I never do. Oh well, I guess that means I am always super excited when Vicki makes it for us!

Henry and I went to the mother's morning today, and it was really well attended for once! It had basically dropped down to me and two other ladies drinking coffee together every week, but maybe now that the weather's nicer more people will come.
It really is a highpoint of my week - getting out of the house, having coffee and cake, and talking to other mums who all seem to know everything about child-rearing - it's all good. Plus Henry gets to do a bit of socialising with people (as opposed to learning all his interpersonal skills from his faithful hound, Nina. She is not a master of social niceties. Not at all.)

I took the dude to the doctor's yesterday, because he's been rubbing at his ears quite a lot lately, and he kind of tilts his head to one side sometimes. Yeah, I know, hardly symptoms of serious illness, but I figured better safe than sorry. The doctor was really nice and humoured me in a non-condescending way, and then informed me that Henry had lovely ear canals - beautiful, even.

Have I told you how much I love Cheerios? Not for myself, I just find them to be the best of all possible baby treats - entertaining and delicious! When they're in a little tupperware container, they make a fun rattly sound. Then once they're out, Henry spends aaaaages picking up each one individually, which totally develops his fine motor skills (or pinchy fingers, as I like to call them). They seem to have the most minimal choking risk possible for a solid food - they go gooey almost immediately, and if all else fails there's a built-in air hole.
Having said all that, I have a sneaking suspicion that they're more sugary than they seem - isn't that always the way?

Anyway dudes, there's another slice of my life recorded for posterity. Oh, future generations, what wisdom you will glean from my writings.


northern musings said...

you are awesome, and cheerios are the least sugery of all cereals available on the market! I really should visit more often.. as for bread and butter pudding... Vicki is the hero there and I am not going to even try and emulate her dish - nor her chicken schnitzel.... my favourite food!

Unnur said...

Ahh.. I miss you guys and all the milestones like seeing new teeth and the pinching skills improving. So why does Henry tilt his head and rub his ears???

Maja said...

Aw yeah, bread and butter pudding. I made it once.. I think it was for school. Got lots of great recipes at school in home ec, come to think of it. Pretty sure I don't have that recipe book at home, must check mum and dad's sometime.

Cheerios, what an awesome idea for snacky treats! They can't be that bad. It's not like they have artificial colours or flavours in them or anything. A bit of sugar never hurt anyone.

I am loving crunchy nut cornflakes for myself at the moment. I eat them for brekky every day at the moment. And even had them for dinner on Tuesday because I couldn't be bothered cooking.

It's good to get Henry checked out, I think, if it's nothing, then that's good to know, too!

Anna said...

Do you think your paranoia about ear rubbing might come from, oh, say, being subjected to me and my horrific illnesses as a child?

I would like to argue that Nina has ALL the social skills. So full of love!