Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hvað ertu stór?

It's Sunday morning! The men of the house are watching the cricket and sharing breakfast - it is totally cute. Henry's getting much better at eating food in bits, so he gets a bit of whatever we're having. He seems to enjoy food much more when it comes from someone else's plate, but who doesn't?

What else? Henry had a check up with the nurse last week, and all is well with him. He only put on about 300g over the past two months which is:
a) less than usual, because up until now he's been growing like a wildly growing thing,
b) normal, because he's using up more energy now that he's crawling around the place, and
c) kind of a relief, because at the rate he was going, I was worried he'd be too big for the airplane bassinet when we go to Australia... Ah, the things I find to worry about.

The nurse asked if he'd started doing things like waving and clapping (yes and yes), and stressed the importance of getting those sorts of things right in time for his 10 month appointment. Basically, there's a developmental test that the doctor gives, to see if their motor skills and communication skills are all good for their age. This is, of course, a good thing.

And I guess they need to have some sort of standardized milestones, so they can compare babies to each other. But here in Iceland, they seem to go one step further. Not only does Henry need to know how to clap, he needs to clap along to a specific song. That's the prompt that they give him, and if he doesn't respond to it, then he fails at clapping. (There's probably another phrase they use, 'fail' sounds fairly harsh for a baby.)

And there's another thing that I'd noticed other mothers doing at playgroup - asking their babies how big they were, and then the baby would throw his/her hands in the air (this big!) and grin. Aww, how adorable, right? I tried it a bit with Henry, just because I thought it was a bit cute.

Turns out he'll be tested on that. There's a german girl at the mother's group, and she said their daughter puts her hands up every time someone scores a goal in soccer - apparently the nurses warned her that that wasn't an acceptable demonstration of putting your hands up. It must be as an answer to the question 'how big are you?'. Boo.

I can't decide whether I should set aside time every day to practice the 'right' question and answer, or just teach him to high five instead. Maybe I can do both.


soda said...

Haha "wasn't an acceptable demonstration of putting your hands up"! Poor little guys that is harsh!

Maja said...

Crikey, those are some specific tests. What happens if he fails?

olga said...

Way harsh.

Maja, I don't think it matters, it just gets noted that he hasn't quite reached that developmental milestone yet. Even if he has. Oh Iceland, you are a bit special.


KH said...

I dunno, I'd think a baby who put their hands up for any appropriate stimulus was smarter than a baby who only puts their hands up for one specific rote-learned question.

Also, man, I really want to write "put they hands up" instead of "their hands up". RAP MUSIC IS RUINING ME.

KH said...

Also want to write "yo hands" instead of "your hands".

But definitely not "you're hands".