Monday, February 20, 2012


So yesterday I joined the hundreds (thousands?) of people who have googled the phrase 'help I spilled (beer/coffee/motor oil) on my laptop'. Boo!

I think it's going to be okay, it was only a little bit of beer, and after we let it dry out for a little while, it worked fine. I had a bit of a mope for being such an idiot, but these things happen, and it could always have been worse - it could have been motor oil! I had a time out and a shower and felt much better afterwards.

It's kind of funny how easily 'whoops, I did something clumsy' becomes 'whoops, I am such a useless idiot' in my brain. And by funny, I mean sad and disappointing. But on the plus side, recognising that that happens is a good thing, because then I can make my sneaky jerkbrain stop doing it.


What else? Henry is a bit cranky as his top teeth are on their way, and he seems like he could have a little bit of a cold, too. If he is sick, then that'll be the first time ever - I don't know if he just has a super good immune system, or if I just don't take him out and expose him to other people's germs enough.

He gets plenty of germs at home, that's for sure. 


Today is Bolludagur, which is the Icelandic celebration of 'the Monday seven weeks before Easter'. I don't know what the english name is, or if there even is one. You celebrate by eating cream buns, which pretty much makes it the holiday of my dreams. I already celebrated twice. Yum.


Unnur said...

If the computer is damaged it's insured with Vis, ask Gigja. The photo is gorgeous, will change my screensaver again. Good luck with the teeth. Poor little man. See you on Skype

Unnur said...
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northern musings said...

love the photo! I often spill red wine on mine and so far it does not seem to have done too much damage.... and usually these things happen due to accidents.... not anyone being particularly stupid or clumsy.... you need to be a little easier on yourself my dear! And bollu dagur... followed by sprengidagur followed by öskudagur.... cream buns, saltmeat and pea soup, and lolly day.... everything centres around food.... I can´t remember the english name for the monday - tuesday is shrove tuesday and then comes ash wednesday. just googled.... the greeks call it Clean Monday protestants shrove Monday or Collop Monday....

Anna said...

I need to eat some round eclairs now. Will try and find some tomorrow.

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