Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tooth and nail

I already posted these on facebook, but the world always needs more photos of my son posing like a dork, right?

Wearing shoes! Like a dude!
Not wearing shoes! Still a dude!

So what has been going on in your life? I have been little-miss-never-posts, possibly because as I have previously mentioned, I kind of write the blog as a never ending catch up email to my mum. And since mum is here and fully caught up on everything that's going on, everyone else misses out! Sorry!

Things have been happening, though:

Henry has been pretty fussy the last couple of nights, and then last night Vicki noticed he had a little tooth coming through! Exciting times.
He's also getting waaaay too good at crawling and pulling himself up on things, I may need to put a bell on him.

I have been knitting a dress and watching Parks and Recreation. Ross keeps laughing at how excited I am about the show - I love it so much. I love everyone on it, and then they add new characters and I love them, too. Seriously, I cannot recommend it enough, although everyone in the whole world has probably seen it already anyway, so I don't even need to.

What else? Mum is here for another week and then she's off - her trip has gone by so quickly! I keep thinking we should have done some exciting things while she was here, but it has been pretty nice just hanging out at home.

And that's about it! Might be time to try to get the dude to take a nap - again. Why doesn't he just sleep when he's tired? Ah well, he'll get the hang of it eventually.


Maja said...

Lesley Knope was so grating at first, but now I just love her she's so adorable. I guess all the characters grew on me like that. Parks and Rec is awesome. I've heard Community is pretty great as well, but haven't started watching it.

Henry is getting bigger and bigger all the time! Yet still adorable.

olga said...

Yeah, I tried to watch it once before, and stopped halfway through the first episode - but this time round I loved it. Everyone's just so nice and good. Mostly.

Hmm, Community, that'll have to be next on the list - I'm trying to space out the Parks and Recs, because I don't want it to end!