Friday, January 27, 2012

So long, farewell, etc.

Well, Mum has gone back to Australia - and we already miss her! Henry put his new skill of waving to good use, and we all had a bit of a teary farewell. It's good to know that we'll be in Perth in a few months' time, but it's still pretty hard to say goodbye.

In other news, I've been sorting out Henry's citizenship stuff - I'd like to blame bureaucracy for the delays, but if I'm perfectly honest, it's just because I'm terrible at getting stuff done. Today I tried to take passport photos, as the photographer in town seems to be really hard to get a hold of. Cue cuteness:

He has started getting excited when you take a photos, instead of just staring in awe at the camera. In this one, he took a lunge in my direction just as I pressed the button*. Super cute, but not really a passport photo.

* I just spent about five minutes trying to remember if there's a specific word for that button... I want to say something to do with shutters... Do feel free to help me out in the comments. 

I think I got a useable one in the end, now I just need to do a test print to see if the resizing worked properly!

And here's three other photos that I love. They just kind of sum up how nice it can be around here.

Close up

Cuddle puddle

Neighbourhood watch


Unnur said...

Oh gosh, I miss you all soooooo much

Maja said...

Wow look how big he is! Is this his australian citizenship you're doing? Icelandic passport photos have you facing a little bit to the side (flattering!) but in aussie ones you have to face the front.

Jason is applying for his aussie citizenship at the moment too :)

May/June isn't too far away (actually feels like forever right now though).

TheVoicesProject said...
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eva.diblasio said...

Neighbourhood watch is my favourite! xx

olga said...

Yay for Skype, hey mum?

Maja: He really is a big boy. The other day we compared his feet to another kid's feet - they're huge.

Yeah, I definitely remember how inconsistently time passed while I was pregnant - months took forever to pass, but then it was all over so quickly. June cannot come fast enough for me!

Thanks Eva! I might try to recreate it every once in a while, to see how he's growing...


soda said...

every one of these photos is the best!