Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Merry, etc.

I just found a mix CD that Anja made for me last year for my birthday, but I never really listened to it properly. So I'm currently enjoying the sounds of Kate Bush, Coco Rosie and Nancy Sinatra - who needs Christmas music?

Yesterday I delivered cards to some of the family, and I'm hoping I didn't forget too many people. I ran into my cousin's husband, who told me that they deliver their cards on the 24th, which somehow convinced me that everyone does that, and I was an idiot for not doing so... Hello, seasonal anxiety, where did you come from?

Anyway, I came home and Ross informed me that I was a dork for worrying about it, which I was, of course! A couple of people came by with cards yesterday, so it obviously isn't a sacred tradition here to only deliver cards on Christmas eve. And even if it were, who cares? I don't think anyone will get angry at me for giving them a a card on the incorrect day...

I think the worrying was probably to do with Christmas traditions - Henry is eighteen months old, so he's almost at the point where he'll start remembering things, and I want him to have awesome fun memories of the holidays! But I think my awesome fun memories are more to do with people, rather than particular activities.

So my message for anyone else feeling bad holiday feelings: as long as you're not hurting anyone, you're probably not doing Christmas wrong. And worrying about it will suck the fun out of everything and defeat the whole purpose, so, you know, don't.

Aaaaand that's my upbeat Christmas post! Hope you guys enjoy the holidays, if you're celebrating them, and I'll no doubt update with a million photos of Henry and his million presents!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Musician in the making...

Another thing that I meant to share a while ago - you might want to turn your volume down a touch:

He's really into the counting in bit - future drummer, ahoy!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My triumphant return!!

Or maybe triumphant isn't the word, but it seems to fit so well... Does that mean it's a cliche?

Anyway anyway anyway! How have you been this past month? I have been doing the usual mix of nothing and everything, and have somehow managed to not post any and/or none of it*.

*And at some point in the past month, I lost my grasp on the English language. So be it.

My last draft had a little story in it that I still definitely need to share: we gave Henry a pickle at dinner, just to see what he'd think. He took a half bite, so a little flap of pickle was loose, but still attached at one end.
Henry looked at it, then looked at me. 'Door', he said.
Then he poked the door - 'knock knock'. Followed by 'hello?' It was the cutest thing ever.

Well, cutest ever, unless you also count this picture:

 Henry and Eddie (Edda and Gerry's son), both looking super Icelandic in woolly jumpers. They came and visited after the mini-Christmas festival thing that happens when the tree in town gets lit. It was great to see them, and they are now back in Scotland visiting family and friends for Eddie's first Christmas.

Also in the category of cutest ever:

 Henry is  getting really into this self-portrait business.

Um um um, what else did I want to tell you about? Vicki's sisters arrive this week, they're staying for Christmas and New Year's, and my Mum will be coming on the 30th (which is my 29th birthday, wowsers).

We put up the Christmas tree the other day, which felt like an achievement. Henry helped me untangle lights...

... and put up the decorations...

And voila!

Hello, tree!

Henry is going to get his hair cut this afternoon, so I'd like to try to get a Christmassy family photo sometime... Heck, I'll settle for not Christmassy, just all three (four, if we include Nina) of us looking decent and in focus. I'll share if it ever happens.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

“The snow doesn't give a soft white damn whom it touches.” ― e.e. cummings

So we are now three for three with regards to weekend blizzards - every weekend in November, the snow has started on Thursday or Friday, and piled up over the next few days. Then it thaws a little during the week, and then BAM! More snow!

I didn't have to work today, as even Herdis' massive Jeep wasn't going to make it over the snowy roads. We saw two separate cars get bogged in the snow just out the front of the house - Ross helped the first set of guys, and injured his back in the process.
I, on the other hand, watched from the window as the later guy tried to dig his car out. It's okay, he managed fine without my strength and know-how.

So, we had a pretty quiet and housebound day. Photos (taken from inside, because BLIZZARD):
Kitchen window

Out the front door - that half buried shape in the lower right is our car

In other news, Ross has enrolled himself in a carpentry course, which should begin in spring if they get enough people. I phoned up to see if the language barrier would be a problem, but the guy sounded really enthusiastic and helpful, so it should all be good.

Henry has become a bit of a fussy eater, so I've been googling along the lines of 'how to hide vegetables in food'. Short answer: purees, long answer: it's immoral and if you do it you will lose your child's trust FOR EVERRR!!! Hilarious*.

* Now that I've laughed at it on my blog, I will no doubt be forced to eat my words when he discovers my deceitful nature, and I have to win back his love.

Since I was on the baby websites anyway, I had a look at all the developmental milestones for 18 months old. Henry seems to know way more words than the average baby, but I have a feeling they deliberately put a lower than average number, so that everyone gets to brag about their kid being advanced.

This guy. Definitely gifted.

Aaaand I just found this photo, and it must be shared. Ross took Henry to hang out at Vicki's while I was at work last week. The easiest way to get around in all the snow? On a little pull along sled!

Mush, Dad, mush!

I have pretty much decided that Henry is not going to leikskoli tomorrow. I didn't get around to digging the car out today, and the roads haven't been plowed either. I'm sure it'll get done at some point tomorrow, but probably not before 8am. Plus it's sooo nice to sleep in at this time of year.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hospitals and books!

Soooo... How's things?

We've had a rough couple of weeks - last Sunday, Henry started getting pretty upset while trying to poo, so Ross took him to the local hospital. The doctor there wasn't quite sure about what to do, so we went to the emergency room in Akureyri. On our summer tyres. Yay?

There was a bit of snow and ice on the highest part of the road, but Ross drove (and is amazing), so we were fine.  Henry had calmed down a lot, and even fell asleep towards the end of the drive. We ended up hanging out in the emergency waiting room with a sleeping baby for a while, which was good, as they were apparently pretty busy behind the scenes.

(Weird aside: there were three other people in the waiting room, and then one of the nurses came out and said 'Olga?' I thought it was odd that they said my name, not Henry's and then it turned out that one of the other ladies was also named Olga. This does not ever happen to me. Ever.)

Anyway, Henry remained mostly happy while we waited, but got upset again a couple of times. Long (AND TMI!) story short, he was basically super constipated, which they sorted out with the aid of a handy hose and some sort of fluid. ERGH.
Poor dude, it was so hard to see him suffering, and soooo hard to try to hold him down while doctors did all the various upsetting things.

He was pretty chipper afterwards, and stayed awake until midnight, when we finally got sent to the childrens' ward for the night. The kids' ward was lovely, so many toys and games and movies, and Henry had a fun time (apart from the medical stuff).

Next day, my second cousin's husband Stebbi kindly brought our snow tyres to Akureyri, as he was on the way anyway. So we got home on Monday evening, and had some much needed rest.

Henry took the rest of the week to get back to 100%, but he's been great the past couple of days - back to his usual self! Huzzah! We've been trying to get more vegies and wholegrains into him, which is a bit hit and miss, but he's doing really well.


What else? Apart from Henry's drama-o-rama, there was a massive blizzard last weekend, and we're expecting another one tonight... Everyone was snowed in for a couple of days, and now there's piles of snow everywhere - although there's been some melting and refreezing, so it's pretty difficult to get around at the moment.

Ooh, ooh, I remember! I'm supposed to go to a book club tonight, it's been organised by a girl that Ross went to Icelandic class with. We have to decide on a book to read tonight, assuming the weather stays okay... I'm not sure what to suggest, I'm weirdly worried about making everyone read something that they end up hating. Ah, good old me, always finding something to worry about!

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be awesome fun, if you have any good recommendations that will make me look cool, let me know!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talk the talk...

Mostly just photos for you this time, kids.

The weather has been really nice for the past week or so - although the temperature has been around the zero mark, there wasn't any wind or cloud, so it just felt crisp and lovely.

Henry and Ross and I went to the beach with the dogs and enjoyed the sunshine:
Every once in a while I just go 'holy crap, this beautiful majestic place is where I live'.
Kind of blows my mind.

Happy dog


What else? Henry's still feeling a bit under the weather, I'm taking him to get his ears checked again tomorrow, but hopefully it's all cleared up. He's mostly his cheerful self, and has been enjoying leikskoli for the last couple of days.

I've decided to try to teach Henry how to be careful with the camera instead of banning it completely. He seems to understand that he's not allowed to touch the lens part - he puts one finger on the barrel, looks at you and says 'no' while shaking his head. We're getting there.

Henry self portrait

He's getting amazing at talking; I'm continually surprised by how quickly he's picking things up. It sort of seems like he's gotten the hang of making the sounds he wants, so now it's just a matter of fine tuning the sounds, and then building up vocabulary.

He says the names of colours (my favourite is pur-pup-el), items of clothing (socks, shoes, hat! is the chant for getting ready to go outside), and all sorts of other stuff. He approximates a lot - I tried to get him to say 'takk fyrir mig'*, which he decided sounded basically like 'cock-a-doodle-doo'. Awesome.

* literally 'thanks for me', we say it after dinner

Also, I think he's been learning some Icelandic from leikskoli. I swear I've heard him say both 'komdu' (come on!) and 'sjáðu' (look at this!), which I can imagine him hearing a lot from the other kids. It is really bizarre, and I'm so interested to see how this bilingual thing plays out. It's weird enough thinking about learning your first language, let alone learning your second at the same time. Exciting times.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Darkness and bubbles

Henry went to leikskoli today for the first time since Thursday - I was going to send him yesterday, but he was still a bit out of sorts, so I decided not to push it. Best ever: he didn't cry at all when I dropped him off, he said hi to the ladies, and then wandered into the room and went to look at the toys! It was awesome.
 Also, guys, I think winter is coming. When we got in the car this morning, the streetlights were still on and it was pretty much DARK. It's amazing what a difference a week can make at this time of year...
Also weather related, I heard that there's going to be a northern lights segment as part of the weather forecast on the news. Pretty neat, hey? I always miss them, since I don't really leave the house much at nighttime, but it'd be handy to know as a tourist or when we have visitors. I just realised I've never tried to take photos of the northern lights with the swanky camera, so I must give that a go this winter.


Ooh, ooh, I remembered what I was going to mention in my last post. I've been reading a bunch of books on my Kindle, from a whole pile of them that Vicki got from a friend. Included on that disc was Machine of Death, a book of short stories based on one of Ryan North's dinosaur comics. If you can't be bothered following the links, the basic idea is that there's a machine that tells you how you're going to die - short phrases like DROWNING or OLD AGE.  But the machine 'delights in ironically vague deaths', so NATURAL CAUSES could be 'hit in the head by a koala bear'.

Anyway, I found it a super interesting and fun read, and it's available for free as a pdf, or you can buy a hardcopy! YAY FOR GOOD THINGS!


And finally, I'll leave you with Henry having feelings about bubbles:

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Here is a somewhat funny situation. It might be ironic, but I'm so hesitant to use that word ever.
I started out writing a post the other day, wherein I congratulated myself on my rad parenting skills with regards to toothbrushing:
Henry does not like to have his teeth brushed, so we'd just about resorted to pinning him down and getting it over with. This, however, led to much screeching, and I was a bit paranoid that he'd be traumatised for life.

Then last night I set up a drive-thru toothbrushing system. Henry scoots around on his little car, then we drive up to Ross, who makes fun brushy noises while he cleans Henry's teeth. Before he gets sick of it, we back off and drive around some more. Yay, funtimes!

Mmm, self-congratulatory! I think that since Henry has started saying 'no', it feels like a victory when we manage to convince him to do something. He seems to have really strong opinions about stuff, so when I get through to him, I feel like a winner!

Anyway, the ironic part (if that word means what I think it means) is that the day after my super-parenting, Henry woke up from his afternoon nap and would not stop crying. This is so unusual for him, so I figured he must be in some sort of pain - bellyache, toothache? We ended up going to the doctor, where we discovered that he has a pretty bad ear infection.

Because it was quite bad, I feel like I probably should have noticed earlier and taken him to the doctor a week or two ago... Baaaaaaad parenting! was my gut reaction.
On the other hand, he didn't have a temperature or anything, and he has been teething and a bit flu-y since he started leikskoli. So I guess I didn't do too badly - as soon as he communicated that something was wrong, I took him to the hospital. It just seemed a little too neat, coming straight after my 'I am awesome!' post. Ah well, such is life.

Anyway, I'm now getting the chance to use all my baby-manipulation skills to convince him to take his antibiotics and panadol. He seems much chirpier now, so we're all pretty relieved and happy.


 What else? It is quite lovely and autumny at the moment, I have decided that autumn is vastly underrated. Or maybe I have just underrated it all my life - I am appreciating it now, though.

Mum and Dad are still here, picking up all the slack, and hopefully having a good time with us. Between walking dogs and babysitting and cementing the shed, their days are pretty busy. It is so nice having them here...

Hmm, I'm sure that many things have happened that I wanted to write about, but I can't remember any of it. I have picked up a cold from somewhere (mostly likely Henry and his germy friends), and I'm feeling like the biggest wimp right now! Time to go to sleep and feel better in the morning.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sheep and Leikskoli

Henry had his first day at Leikskoli on Thursday! It was pretty fun, and it's been really good for evening out his naptimes. It's just too exciting for him to sleep while he's there, so he comes home at midday and has a two hour nap - lovely!
There are three days in the 'adjustment period', where I hang out with him, then next Tuesday he'll have his first day all by himself. I hope it goes okay, but I guess it takes a bit of getting used to...

Yesterday was göngur and réttir - Kerry's daughter Isabelle went on the big horse ride, but the rest of us just went to watch/ help drag the sheep. Henry had the best time EVER, he spent the first half hour compulsively shouting 'BAA!' at the sheep.



Apparently he also got to sit on a horse, but I was elsewhere at the time. I think someone took photos, though...

Ross, as usual, worked his ass off dragging sheep around the place. I kind of love that he's just wearing a t-shirt in this photo, while everyone else is in jackets and lopapeysas. I mentioned it to Ross and his response was: 'Yeah, but it's not like it was cold, it was at least 8 degrees.' I think he's become more of an Icelander than he thinks...

I don't think there are any big plans for today. Mum and Dad took Amma to the hospital; she got knocked down by a sheep yesterday, but didn't want to go to the doctors' straight away. Hopefully it's not anything major, she figured that she had just sprained her knee or something like that. 
We're probably just going to potter around at home, Ross suspects that he's going to be loading containers again at work tomorrow, so it'll be good for him to rest today...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jareth... uh, Cutestory...

I just have one nice little Henry-based story to share.

His latest thing to say is Hi! The exclamation point is the best and most important bit; he's always so excited when he says it to me. Hi! And then of course I say hi back, and then he says it again, and we continue to say Hi! at each other for a good length of time.

And I was thinking that was a bit of a weird thing to do, but then I realised that he just wants to have a conversation with me - a good long chat with his mum. But he doesn't know enough words yet, so he just keeps saying that same one over and over, and that makes him super happy. Hi!

Seriously guys, he's the best dude.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Fathers' Day!

Hey guys, I found a new way of keeping Henry from climbing all the way up the stairs...

Well, maybe not. Henry walked out of the lounge room, and when I went to check on him half a minute later, there he was, patting the Nina. It was one of those situations where I couldn't decide whether to tell him off or get the camera. So, I got the camera first, although the shot above was followed by this one...

... as he started 'climbing down'. It's usually more of a slide / controlled tumble. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually.


In other news, today is Fathers' Day in Australia, which is my excuse for not knowing about it here in Iceland. Luckily, we had decided to have pancakes for breakfast anyway!

Henry totally enjoyed them, as evidenced by the fact that he couldn't even stop jamming food in his mouth long enough to smile for the photo. Good stuff.


My Dad unfortunately missed out on pancakes as he drove to Reykjavik yesterday, but maybe I'll make them again sometime while he's here.

I have yet to take a really great photo of my dad and my son together, I'll definitely work on that one soon - maybe I'll use some of this polaroid film that my brother sent me! Woo!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hello again! Before you get upset at me for not posting anything, here's the dude (and his Dad), in various adorable poses:

The reason for my lack of communication is a good one: I started working again! See, I had previously talked to my mum's cousin Herdis and decided that I could work with her at Askaffi again. She said she had plenty of staff for the summer, but that she's going to keep it open on weekends over the winter, so she would need some help then.

I plodded along, assuming I'd start working in September, and I heard from Sigga that Herdis had been meaning to call me - and I said haha, yeah, I've been meaning to call her, too, but no rush, right? Turns out her summer staff were all going back to school earlier than she'd expected, so she phoned me last Saturday night, pretty keen for me to work the following Monday, and as much of the week as I could.

So I ended up going from no work (la la la, stay-at-home-mum), to six days last week, with very little notice! Fun times! Luckily Vicki was able to look after the dude for a couple of days, and then Dad arrived and said that he'd love the opportunity to hang out with Henry all day every day.

Also, as previously noted, Askaffi is a nice place to work - the customers are mostly tourists, mostly having an awesome time, and mostly super appreciative of everything. Nice.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Here's a link that I found in a draft from a hundred years ago, so everyone has probably seen it, but just in case you haven't - lovely and sad photos of old farm animals.

So, now the post is post-worthy, even if I don't include much else of interest (but I'll add some more things anyway...)

AUGH WASPS! was a thing that happened recently. We discovered a nest inside an old barbeque on our back porch, and it was gross and scary. I read something recently about how you shouldn't blindly hate wasps, because they are interesting creatures with a complex society and all that jazz, but when it comes down to it:

 We couldn't find any wasp poison at the hardware store, so Sigga's boyfriend Arni found some in his shed and came over in the middle of the night to bring death to the nest. Next day Ross set the thing on fire and then stomped on it - you can't be too careful!

Stomp. Plus maybe I should clean my windows...

What else? Ross has been working really hard in the garden since we got back - the lawn was about a metre tall, so that was the first job. After that he ended up painting the fence, weeding all the beds, building up rock walls and making steps leading up to the decking. It looks great (sorry I don't have photos), but Ross still has lots of plans, including a hedge, more paths and a garden bench.

Oh yeah, and hardworking Ross also cleared out the whole shed/barn at the side of the house. When we moved in, Ingolfur generously said that we could keep everything that was out there. There were a couple of things of interest, but most of it was actual rubbish - bits of engine, broken furniture, mismatched tires, old tents, and sooo much rubble from the walls.



 And one of the front garage bit:

We hired a skip bin, and Ross was ruthless - he'd been watching Hoarders for inspiration, so even if things were useable/sellable in theory, if we weren't realistically going to use it, it got chucked. Amma came over while he was throwing out a mouldy broken piece of chipboard from an Ikea cupboard, and she seemed a little distressed that he wasn't keeping it.
I have to admit that I stayed away because I know I have a tendency to keep things I don't need. It does feel nice to have space, though, so maybe I'm gradually getting used to the idea of minimalism.

 Haha, as I've been detailing all the hard work Ross has been doing, he made me lunch. I am a lucky person.

I tried to do some uncluttering in the house while Ross was out slaving - gave away a whole bunch of Henry's baby clothes, sorted out a bit of my yarn stash, set up some op-shop bags and did a tonne of laundry. We're also making a conscious effort to get into good routines, both with Henry and the house in general. Hopefully we'll be able to keep it all up once Ross goes back to work.

What about Henry news? He's been growing teeth all over the place, poor guy. He's getting some molars, which seem to be quite painful, but he's still pretty chipper most of the time.

Watermelon is a good teething remedy

Henry has also been learning to play the drums...

... and hanging out with Nina and some tinsel.

And I think that's it. We're just enjoying pottering around at home, making the most of Ross' holidays. Good times.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home is where your rump rests.

Aaaaaand we're back! Here's another couple of photos from the last of the trip:

Oh how the boy loves a good box.

Henry and I went to the zoo with Mum and Dad and Anna, and Anna was in charge of my camera, so some pics actually got taken!

There was a lot of stuff at the zoo that Henry found just as exciting as the animals: other kids, trees, the pool in the elephant tank.

He did get pretty up close and personal with a lion, though.

And my Dad got up close and personal with this guy:

See, we were in the Australian animal area, and Henry dropped his dummy into the Tasmanian Devil enclosure. 'Oh no,' we said, 'I hope the animal doesn't eat it and get sick'. We made some jokes about how I was the smallest and should probably be the one to jump in and get it.
'Ha ha, yes, good one' I said.
I started reading out the sign on the enclosure to Anna. 'A Tasmanian Devil has the jaw strength of a dog four times its siz--- JESUS DAD NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?'

Ladies and gentlemen, my dad had jumped into the cage. We couldn't see the Tasmanian Devil at the time, although I'm not sure if it retreated before or after Dad jumped in there with it. The fence was about waist height on our side, but the enclosure was sunk down, so although it was easy to get in, it wasn't quite as easy to get out. Luckily Anna was there to help pull him out, and no one else seemed to notice that anything had happened, despite my continued and unhelpful shrieking.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, you can get away with jumping into an animal enclosure at Perth zoo, but you probably shouldn't. Also, my Dad is kind of a badass.

The rest of the zoo visit was uneventful by comparison, Henry looked at some giraffes and birds and elephants, and then we left and had some lunch, then headed home.

Henry and his new friend, Log.

What else did we do in our last week? We caught up with some more family and friends, did a bit of shopping, and I picked up a stomach bug which I then shared with everyone. I got sick on Friday night, had recovered (mostly) by Saturday, and was relieved that Henry didn't seem to have it.

Right up until he got sick on Sunday night. It wasn't too serious, he was still drinking and seemed okay between vomits, but it was still a pretty terrible evening.
We then had to cancel some plans for last visits to avoid getting anyone else sick, including Maja and Olivia, and Ross' Nonna and Nonno. Booo.

The flights home were as easy as such a trip can be, Henry was an absolute champion all the way. We had a day in London as we couldn't get a connecting flight to Iceland, but we spent the whole time napping on and off in the hotel room.
The trip to Iceland was fine (I laugh in the face of a three hour flight!), except we had to wait a while at the airport while they misplaced all the prams that had been on the plane.
It was a bit rough because we felt like we were nearly home, but still had the drive north to look forward to. It was all fine in the end, got home late Friday night and managed to get a pretty good nights' sleep (except Ross, who woke up at 4am despite being totally sleep deprived).

We've just spent the weekend pottering and trying to work our way through some piles of laundry. Normally I would procrastinate about doing that, but Ross is on holiday so he's been really pro-active, and it feels pretty nice to have it all mostly done. It feels great to be home.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello, we've been doing some things, do you want to see?

We've been doing quite a bit of shopping around various places, I have officially bought too many things, and don't know how we'll manage to pack everything for the trip home. I went to Ikea with Mum and Dad the other day, we bought a table which Henry helped build:

We've been letting the dude have lots of naps in the car, he just falls asleep straight away and life is easy. But we don't always drive far enough for him to have a long sleep, so someone ends up sitting in the car in the driveway, drinking a cup of tea, reading a book...

... Or joining him in a nap.

I went and did some long-awaited admin this morning: changed my name on my driver's license and bank account, and set up an account for Henry. It was all pretty straightforward, I really should have done it as soon as we got here. Oh well, never mind, it's done now.

We had a bit of a panic last night, we've reached the 'oh my gosh there's only a week left of the trip and there's so much stuff we were meant to do, PLANS ARE HARD!' stage of the holiday. It always happens, luckily we already did most of the stuff we meant to, now we're just doing as much catching up as we can. We're going to the zoo tomorrow, which should be amazing and fun, as long as the weather's good.

I'll leave you with the dude as he is right now... As soon as he's up, we're going to trek into town and show him off a bit!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Ah, the photo post, finally! Unfortunately I did not become super bold photographer lady overnight, so here's some of the photos I did actually get around to taking!

First day here, hi Amma and Afi! And ooh, look, what are those tall green things just outside the window?

Haircut! by Nonno, who has the most amazing reflexes - every time Henry tried to grab the scissors, they were magically just out of reach. Skillz.

And then Henry helped his Afi clean the ute.

Not at all a comprehensive list of things we've been doing... Let me see if I can fill in some blanks:

Oh my gosh you guys, No Lights No Lycra was totally fun and bizarre and like nothing else I've ever done. We got there are there were some theatre-student type people doing stretches, which weirded me out a bit. Turns out it's kind of an exercise thing (hence the 'No Lycra'), an opportunity to move in whatever way you'd like for an hour and a half.
So I danced like a fool for most of the session, and Kristinn managed to put some quiet songs in the playlist, so there was a little bit of time for resting. I still managed to bruise my heel stomping too enthusiastically, and I had some pretty strained muscles the next day, but overall: WIN.

Um um um. Okay, let's quickly summarise about a week and a half of fun filled activities: getting a sneak peek at my friend Gillian's manuscript (it's awesome, and now I'm hanging out for the rest of it); eating shakshuka with some lovely ladies at an organic vegetarian restaurant here in the hills (it was pretty tasty, but not as good as the one I remember from Riki Blakes in North Perth); and general shopping and foods and friends and family.

Yesterday Ross made sausages at his Nonna's house. Since Henry is still so little, Ross told me to just bring him later on, after all the messy work was done - just in time for dinner!

The biggest no-no - Henry tries to yank down everyone's hard work

Mum and Dad came with me so we could all do some car shuffling, and they stayed for a bit of a chat. Also, Nonna made them eat some cold meats and cakes - she is a master at getting people to eat something.

Big family dinner post sausages - lots of pasta, some of the sausage meat cooked up and bread to soak it all up. Soo good.

Today we're having a Jonsson family do, should be lots of fun!