Monday, December 5, 2011

Party time!

Hey guys, someone wrote a comic about my dog...

Totally gross, but so true.


So! I think posting every day tends to wear me out, and I take far too long to recover from it. But it's all good, as now I have things to say!

We had a pretty awesome weekend. Saturday during the day we went to the Red Cross, I got some awesome awesome things, as usual. Seriously, though, I think I need to change clothes several times a day in order to actually wear everything I own. Either that, or just not do any washing for a month. I reckon I could work my way through it all eventually...

Mr. Henry got to stay at his Nanna's house on Saturday night, whereupon he decided to keep her up ALL NIGHT. I think he's still not that good at bottles, he just gets too much air and then feels sick and gassy and cries for hours. Bummer. Then once he got to sleep, he rustled and faffed around so much that he kept waking Vicki up.

Saturday night was our work Christmas dinner, then my cousin Maja bought us tickets to go see Lay Low at the local bar. The work thing was okay but we left quite early, which I felt bad about at the time, but it proved to be the right decision in hindsight.

See, we thought we'd snuck out pretty effectively, but then we ran into a bunch of people who were outside smoking, and they totally called us on the fact that we were going. I think having tickets for the show was a pretty good excuse, but they were trying to convince us to stay anyway - 'There's still dessert! We're going to play games!' Needless to say, that made us hightail it out of there even faster - apparently the Fisk staff parties tend to get a little messy, and the 'games' are all those gross innuendo-filled excuses for the single people to get drunk and touch each other inappropriately. So we didn't miss much... Or rather, we missed a whole bunch of stuff, but that was definitely a good thing.

Lay Low was totally amazing, it was so good to see an actual real band for once. Usually the bar is only populated by cover bands or weird Icelandic jokey bands who play racist songs while wearing matching woolly jumpers. There weren't very many people there, but I think everyone that was there enjoyed it - I just hope they and other proper bands come visit us more often.

After the band finished, there was terrible music and awesome dancing. Everyone from the work party showed up and danced with us, so I think our early exit was forgiven...

Sunday, I realised that I need to work on moderation when I go out - I had almost forgotten how bad hangovers are. I just get so excited when we go out, that I need to drink ALL THE THINGS. Plus I have generous friends and family, and it would be rude to decline a beer someone bought you, wouldn't it?

So we sat around all day and didn't do much of anything. Henry and I had a three hour nap, then I finally made the long awaited banana bread - although I still haven't tackled the resulting dishes... Maybe that'd be a good thing to do right now...

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Maja said...

Saturday night was awesome. I had never seen you so drunk before. I think I used to always be more drunk than you. Hangovers are the worst! I felt like I had one even though I didn't drink anything. I guess that's what late nights do to pregnant people.