Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I haven't been posting lately, too busy hanging out and catching up and enjoying the holiday season!

Anna is here and we have been having good times -  a lot of them made up of watching terrible movies and eating junk food - some things never change. She and Henry are getting along fine, they've been bonding over a shared love of shiny things and making funny noises.

 Does this look familiar?

There's just some things you've got to do when you're holding a squishy baby, and chomping his head is one of them...


Christmas Eve is the main celebration among Icelanders. We all went to Sigga's for dinner, which was delicious and plentiful as always.

Henry slept through the presents, but he woke up in time to play with the wrapping paper.

What, you don't play with wrapping paper? Feel Henry's disdain...

Anyway, I am going to post this so it doesn't linger in my drafts pile any longer... Hee hee, linger longer. I still have so many Christmas day photos to post, though, so maybe I'll post again soon!


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Unnur said...

See you tomorrow!!!! Cant wait.

Unnur said...

See you tomorrow!!!! Cant wait.