Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I had a birthday the other day! Guess how old I am?

My answer is in picture form...

Except pretend there's only one of them...
You know how birthdays and New Year's Eve always make you take stock of your life? Here's a list!

In 2011, we bought this:

Then one of these:

And then this guy showed up:

In summary, my year was pretty much amazing and awesome and mostly filled with good exciting things.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ex-mas, part 2...

The neverending belated Christmas summary continues!

Henry and Nina were both pretty cheerful on Christmas morning - Nina got a package addressed to her from her Aunt Freyja, which she unwrapped all by herself.

Henry got dressed up like a little man again - I love when he looks like a little person.

Uncle Dom taught him some guitar...

And gave him an amazing present - Walthamstow friends, do you remember the toy stall that sometimes set up in the markets? It had an array of flashy light up toys, and Henry is now the proud owner of a policeman on a motorbike. He seems almost intimidated by it when it's switched on - he can't look away, but doesn't really know how to interact with it.

All the Di Blasio kids skyped with their Dad's family in the afternoon, which was quite lovely - we showed Henry off to their grandparents and aunts and uncles, and I think everyone really enjoyed it. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I haven't been posting lately, too busy hanging out and catching up and enjoying the holiday season!

Anna is here and we have been having good times -  a lot of them made up of watching terrible movies and eating junk food - some things never change. She and Henry are getting along fine, they've been bonding over a shared love of shiny things and making funny noises.

 Does this look familiar?

There's just some things you've got to do when you're holding a squishy baby, and chomping his head is one of them...


Christmas Eve is the main celebration among Icelanders. We all went to Sigga's for dinner, which was delicious and plentiful as always.

Henry slept through the presents, but he woke up in time to play with the wrapping paper.

What, you don't play with wrapping paper? Feel Henry's disdain...

Anyway, I am going to post this so it doesn't linger in my drafts pile any longer... Hee hee, linger longer. I still have so many Christmas day photos to post, though, so maybe I'll post again soon!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I has a happy!

Guess what? My sister Anna arrives in Sauðárkrókur TOMORROW! You have no idea how excited I am (okay, you probably have an inkling, given how many times I've mentioned it...) I'm picking her up from the airport in the morning, and then we are going to hang out. Actually, she'll probably be completely exhausted from all her traveling, but I'm sure we'll hang out once she's well rested.

When I lived in Perth, I had moved out to a place that was pretty far away from my parents' house, so Anna and I mostly had big catch ups every once in a while. We had so much fun, we'd do intensive op-shop trawling over several suburbs, or go see kid's films during the day, when it's not as busy. We'd drive around, and eat ridiculous foods, and sing all the songs from that musical episode of Buffy (P.S. if you're singing 'Walk through the Fire' and alternating characters, you can pretty much sing all the parts as a duo. Protip from a dork.)

Anyway, those days of fun are one of the things I totally miss from Australia, so I hope we can have some good times while she's here.


I have a confession: the dude has still been a bit not-keen on sleeping in his room, so we finally caved and moved the cot back into our room. In hindsight, we probably should have kept it in our room for longer to begin with, but he was pretty okay with it up until recently, when he decided he would not, could not, go to sleep in the crib (he would not, could not with a... um... squib?)

So, confession part two: he's been sleeping in our bed at night. Yes, co-sleeping, that thing that I suspect lots of people do but don't talk about, because it's dangerous and wrong and makes your kids fail to develop independence. It probably also causes autism.
Ha, look at how I immediately got all defensive, in anticipation of being told off. I'm sure nobody really cares what I'm doing - rest assured, I'm doing my best to keep my son as safe and happy as possible, and I think everyone should stick to whatever works for them.
Anyway, having the cot in our room is like magic - he's been sleeping in there for hours at night (but not all night, yet), and seems to settle himself more easily without my help. He's even taking longer naps up there, which means I get bigger blocks of time during the day to do stuff and therefore have sanity. Good times.
And then when he does wake up (as he did just now) - he wakes up happy and calm, instead of in tears. Magic, I tells ya.

Still not sure whether to lie to the nurses at his next checkup, for fear of the disapproving looks - I jest, I'm sure they've heard it all before and probably have many tips and tricks for helping us all out.


Photobooth presents: Post-nap snuggle party on the couch.

Featuring Olga funny-face, Nina licky-chops...

... and Henry happy-pants.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


The baby dude had a half birthday yesterday, so he is now six months old... Are you as weirded out as I am?

He's been changing a lot lately, it seems like just over the past few weeks he's become way more steady and in control of his head and limbs. And now that he realises he can be somewhat in charge of what he does and where he goes, he seems to have developed some strong feelings on the subject. It's pretty awesome to watch him determinedly pulling himself around on the rug - he's not crawling yet, but he pushes himself forward a bit, then face plants, then repeats the process. Very graceful.

He also has a scooty-walker thing that is currently in the kitchen. He used to just hang out in the corner while I was doing kitchen things, but lately he's all over the place - I turned away from him for a few seconds yesterday, then turned back to find him right behind me, looking all pleased with himself. Such a dude.


Anyway, in honour of his half-birthday and the fact that it's nearly Christmas, I tried to take some photos featuring him and the tree.

It was kind of fun, but I think I may have to get Ross involved next time. Maybe then I can get a shot I could theoretically use in a card (which we all know I won't get around to making, so I guess it doesn't matter too much!)

Ooh and on a related note: we have a Christmas tree, guys! It is pretty cool. This is the first time where Ross and I have had our own proper tree, just for us - I hope it lasts a long time...

The story of my parents' tree is pretty adorable. It's pretty small, and I always used to think it was lame - I wanted a big tree, with matching decorations, like something on display at a store. Anyway, they bought it for their first Christmas as a married couple, and they were pretty poor at the time. They had a little bit of money which should probably have gone on groceries or something useful, but instead they bought this little tree, and they've had it ever since.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Party time!

Hey guys, someone wrote a comic about my dog...

Totally gross, but so true.


So! I think posting every day tends to wear me out, and I take far too long to recover from it. But it's all good, as now I have things to say!

We had a pretty awesome weekend. Saturday during the day we went to the Red Cross, I got some awesome awesome things, as usual. Seriously, though, I think I need to change clothes several times a day in order to actually wear everything I own. Either that, or just not do any washing for a month. I reckon I could work my way through it all eventually...

Mr. Henry got to stay at his Nanna's house on Saturday night, whereupon he decided to keep her up ALL NIGHT. I think he's still not that good at bottles, he just gets too much air and then feels sick and gassy and cries for hours. Bummer. Then once he got to sleep, he rustled and faffed around so much that he kept waking Vicki up.

Saturday night was our work Christmas dinner, then my cousin Maja bought us tickets to go see Lay Low at the local bar. The work thing was okay but we left quite early, which I felt bad about at the time, but it proved to be the right decision in hindsight.

See, we thought we'd snuck out pretty effectively, but then we ran into a bunch of people who were outside smoking, and they totally called us on the fact that we were going. I think having tickets for the show was a pretty good excuse, but they were trying to convince us to stay anyway - 'There's still dessert! We're going to play games!' Needless to say, that made us hightail it out of there even faster - apparently the Fisk staff parties tend to get a little messy, and the 'games' are all those gross innuendo-filled excuses for the single people to get drunk and touch each other inappropriately. So we didn't miss much... Or rather, we missed a whole bunch of stuff, but that was definitely a good thing.

Lay Low was totally amazing, it was so good to see an actual real band for once. Usually the bar is only populated by cover bands or weird Icelandic jokey bands who play racist songs while wearing matching woolly jumpers. There weren't very many people there, but I think everyone that was there enjoyed it - I just hope they and other proper bands come visit us more often.

After the band finished, there was terrible music and awesome dancing. Everyone from the work party showed up and danced with us, so I think our early exit was forgiven...

Sunday, I realised that I need to work on moderation when I go out - I had almost forgotten how bad hangovers are. I just get so excited when we go out, that I need to drink ALL THE THINGS. Plus I have generous friends and family, and it would be rude to decline a beer someone bought you, wouldn't it?

So we sat around all day and didn't do much of anything. Henry and I had a three hour nap, then I finally made the long awaited banana bread - although I still haven't tackled the resulting dishes... Maybe that'd be a good thing to do right now...