Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tall guys and bees

With regards to posting videos of your kids on the internet, I give you a kid dancing to Michael Jackson while stacking the dishwasher - cute. And if you read the little blurb about the video, the poster says that his son was a bit miffed and embarrassed at first, but now thinks it's pretty funny that he's an internet sensation.


I also saw this while I was browsing Jezebel - it's a news thing about a woman who got groped on the subway, then chased down the guy and picked him out of a line-up. It's good that he got caught and all, but that's not the reason I wanted to share it.
In the comments, lots of people told their stories of calling out dudes who have harassed them in public. And a user called dayslikethis left the following comment, which is great:

"I think I've told this story here before but it's one of my favorites and certainly lightens the mood from all the upsetting stories in the comments. I've been groped on the subway multiple times, making me constantly on edge. Just a few weeks after the last time I'd been groped, I was standing on the train going home from work and felt a hand in my back pocket. 
"I had that initial freeze-up and then started to get angrier and angrier. I turned around and was ready to flip out, when I saw a little girl, probably like 3 or 4 years old, looking in the other direction sort of dazed with her hand in my pocket, thinking I was her mom who was standing next to me. It was perhaps the most adorable thing that has ever happened to me."

I totally laughed out loud.


The dude had an appointment at the hospital today; he was weighed, measured and stuck with needles. The poor little guy got pretty upset about the injections, but I don't think he cried as long as he did last time. He now weighs nearly eight kilos (7.96 to be precise) and is 68cm long - big for his age. The nurse checked his growth chart, and if he keeps going like this, he'll probably end up reeeeal tall.


Do you know what is a fun thing to do? Check the statistics for your blog to find out where your traffic is coming from. Especially the search terms part. Two people (or one person, twice) got to my blog by searching for 'how+to+inveigle+a+swarm+of+bees'. Awesome.

Hmm, I wonder if by typing that paragraph, I just made sure that I'll always be the top google result for that phrase. Double awesome.


Maja said...

I was in Northbridge one night on a hens night and managed to lose all my friends so I was standing on the corner of Lake and James street waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. I was wearing a mini skirt and some dickhead pinched my bum really painfully as he walked past. I was furious. I would have hit him if he hadn't already been so far away when I turned around.

The 4 year old is a much better story!

Gil Liane said...

Apparently, according to Google, after the US & Australia, my main readership is German?? And my main referring site is a UK Paralegal site?? INTERESTING.