Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet dreams...

Henry's sleeping patterns are still a bit wack*, and I am discovering how bad I am at enforcing bedtime. I think we kind of lucked out when he settled into his routines, so we never really built them up on purpose... For the last couple of nights we've been doing dinner, then a bath and a feed and bed, but he wakes up again after half an hour, all refreshed and ready to hang out.

* I always used to think that meant good, or weird-good, like wacky? Nope, turns out it means bad, and Ross thinks it's funny when I misuse slang.

I even set an alarm for this morning, thinking that if he woke up earlier, he might go to sleep earlier... Immediately regretted it when the alarm went off, but hit snooze instead of sleep, so I got woken up again ten minutes later. I think Henry was awake from the first alarm, so it was pretty much time to get up regardless.
Ooh, and I had a lovely almost dream between alarms: I somehow thought Ross offered to take Henry so that I could sleep in a bit more... Then I remembered he'd already gone to work. Sad face.

I don't think it's the teething that's bothering him - he's been wearing some amber beads of Vicki's, and I'm hoping that the two things are related.

I'm hoping that we can get it sorted without resorting to drastic measures. To be honest, I don't think I could stand leaving Henry to cry it out, but I guess it depends on how much sleep deprivation I've had. I'm currently at a level that I can cope with - I'm not crying at the grocery store in my pyjamas or anything (although I did get a bit sad today when the checkout girl forgot to discount my bananas. For real. Ask Ross.)


Gil Liane said...

Apparently I did not sleep a full nite till I was 5 years old... so for half a decade, about 3 hours a night was my maximum. My mum still makes me apologise for it LOL!

Gil Liane said... clarify- the doctor told her that when i cry at nite, they had to not come in and pick me up. So, one nite, they let me cry and scream all nite. My mum said she and my dad lay there sleepless ALL NITE feeling so sick about it- and in the morning, when they came to pick me up, they found out that I had been crying and screaming in pain, because I'd actually gotten my foot caught in the rails of the cot, & it was all swollen and bruised! They were SO upset, & of course, they could never ignore me again, so that's how I became the little sleepless dictator, lol!

olga said...

Oh my gosh, Gillian, that's awful! You poor little thing! That's why I'm not that keen on letting him cry...

I read somewhere that I'm supposed to be able to tell the difference between a cry of pain and a fussy cry - it all sounds the same to me! I'd rather a sleepless dictator than a baby in pain...


Anonymous said...

You may also be interested to know that the infant mental health people do not reccomend cry it out /control crying in any way. It raises the cortisol levels in the brain, similar to a traumatic event.
Furthermore, I personally believe that they don't stop crying because they've learnt to re settle themselves, but more because they've realised that there's no point crying, since no one is coming. Which is really sad.

Henry may be going through a Wonder Week, which is a kind of developmental leap. I highly recommend the book, I've found it invaluable at explaining these times - they also have an iphone app. -

Good luck! xo

olga said...

Sara, I think I've heard before about how CIO is a bit terrible in that regard. It is really sad to think of a baby just realising that no one is coming to help them, so there's no point in crying...

Hopefully it is just a growth spurt/ wonder week kind of thing and will pass!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will!
Always does..
My mantra for motherhood is almost always "this too shall pass". ha! At the moment, I'm hoping seperation anxiety will pass swiftly.
Also, I hope I'm not driving you nuts with all this unsolicitated advice. Just tell me to shut up :P

olga said...

I love the unsolicited advice, Sara, keep it coming! I need all the help I can get :)