Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Golly gee whiz, dudes, the weather has gotten wild around these parts. It was really blizzardy yesterday and even worse today, although it's not so bad when you're just hanging out at home like I am. My mothers' group thing was cancelled because no one could be bothered shovelling snow out of their driveways so they could get there. It's only a two minute walk for me, but I decided that I didn't really want to go and just hang out by myself - I can totally do that in the comfort of my own home!

Snow is way more fun if there's someone to enjoy it with. Nina is a champion frolicker - if you ever need someone to frolic through the snow with you, she's your man.

Maybe if the weather clears a little tomorrow we can try some sledding and snowman building. And if the weather doesn't clear, we can all invest in snowsuits and do it anyway!


Maja definitely got the snow she wanted, I just hope they're both okay with a relaxing holiday versus an action packed one. Then again, I guess a four months pregnant lady probably wasn't planning an adventure holiday to begin with.

So they basically get to hang out and take pictures of me and the dude. Barrels of fun, right?

I finally got around to pureeing those carrots that were mouldering away in my fridge (although the bananas continue to moulder), and Henry had a huuuuge dinner of carrot mush. Which he totally loved. So weird to think of tasting foods for the first time - how much would it blow your mind?


Unnur said...

Wish I was there!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope this snow stays until I get there. I'm going to frolic like a mad froclicking thing.

- Anna

Maja said...

Love this weather, and would rather be relaxing than doing anything anyway :)