Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow and lights

Aw man! The internet wasn't working before, so I decided that I'd just skip the post for today since it was out of my hands... Then I came downstairs just to get my phone before I went to bed, and of course I had to check if the internet was back on. And it was, so now I can't blame the universe for my lack of a post.


It snowed tonight! And I put up some fairy lights! Which means it's totally nearly CHRISTMAS! I went outside to take a picture of our pretty house all covered in snow and lights, but it didn't work out to my satisfaction, so you can't see it. Here's the view down the street instead - snow and other people's fairy lights. Plus Nina footprints.


Vicki and I are going to brave the weather and go to Akureyri tomorrow for some hardcore Christmas shopping - not for presents, just food and fairy lights. There's supposed to be light snow, but that's why I have snow tyres, right? We're going to try to head off early, which means turning on my alarm again - boo! But that means we won't be coming back too late at night, so it'll be worth it.

Aaaand I think that's all, really. Here are my travelling partners for tomorrow:

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northern musings said...

Noticed the lights last night when I walked the dog - looks really good! Mine will go up this weekend (and ammas) - will put the boys to work in getting them up!