Thursday, November 24, 2011

Road Trip!

Whew. Well, you'll be glad to hear we made it to Akureyri and back with flying colours. Sure, it was dark when we left at 9.30am, and dark when we came back at 5.30pm, but that's what lights are for! The weather was actually quite nice, not too windy and totally clear - I could see for miles, once the sun came up. Makes me much less nervous about driving on ice...

Anyway, I bought a tree and some decorations and lights, although I got a bit paralysed with indecision when faced with the tunnel of lights available at the hardware store. Vicki was talking to a saleslady about how she needed x length of lights, preferably on white cord, etc. She turned and asked if I'd seen anything and I was just kind of stuck in a stare. I ended up getting one box of lights for the tree, as I'd already gotten the ones for the windows from the post office basement (thanks Vicki!), and bought a couple of coloured ones on sale last year.

I bought most of my decorations from Tiger, but I totally regret not buying more of everything. Oh well, I guess Christmas is one of those things where you gradually get more stuff as you go along. We have to save some room on the tree for when Henry is sticking macaroni to cardboard and spray painting the whole thing gold.

Ooh ooh! And! I bought a sled! I decided that if it snows properly this winter and we don't have a sled available, our visitors will never forgive us. It is called a funbob, and is pretty much a plastic bin lid. Funbob. Bin lid. I love words.

Henry was amazingly well behaved as usual. He charmed the pants off everyone he came into contact with, whether that was flirting with ladies in a cafe or making the staff smile as he slept slumped sideways in a shopping trolley seat. That sounds a bit neglectful on my part, but it was totes cute, I promised. And why didn't I take a photo? Because I'm silly, that's why. 

The only slight chin wobbles came when we were grocery shopping just before we came home. It was a bit packed, and we were all a bit tired and stressed out, and Henry had just had enough of everything. I went to the checkouts, and the lady in front of me offered to let me go first, even though I had way more stuff than her. 
Then while I was stacked and packed and paid for my groceries, she entertained Henry the whole time. Talked to him, wiggled his feet, made him giggle - it was so lovely of her. I was completely filled with gratitude, but then I guess it might have been fun for her, too.

Vicki's dog Perla got to come over and visit with Nina while we were out, and they had a pretty awesome time together. They got to race around in the garden for a bit before we left, which was totally cute. When Nina was little, I remember thinking that Perla was a really big dog, but Nina is now officially bigger. Good thing she's such a sweetheart, otherwise she could probably be a little bit of a handful. 

And that was my super exciting day. Yay for buying stuff! Yay for Christmas! Is late November too early to put up a tree?


northern musings said...

Your neighbor from south africa has already put hers up - and the official one gets lit on the weekend - so I figure you are totally ok with it.... nice that perla and nina were together today... thought when I saw you pull in at Vicki's that the dogs may have had a pretty shit day - each in their own corner - so good one you!! Henry is and always will be a charmer!

Unnur said...

I can't wait to see photos of the Xmas lights and tree. Especially if there's snow. And shopping with Henry would have been cute as.

Anja said...

Yay for the sled. My family and I went sleighing last christmas. It was sooo much fun!
Everybody's put up christmas decorations over here as well and the christmas markets with Gl├╝hwein, Bratwurst and sweets have opened just in time for the first advent (eventhough its still 8°C outside). Pre-Christmas time is great (especially if you have an advent calendar)!