Friday, November 11, 2011

Puppy love

Ooh, what an interesting date. I wonder if there's a record number of people who got married today. I bet there's also a bunch of ladies around the world trying their hardest to give birth before midnight. It'd be especially cool here in Iceland, because the first six digits of ID number are your birthday - so your number would be 111111-xxxx. Pretty awesome, right?
Okay, maybe not that exciting.

I have a cousin who is due to give birth any day now, although I think she was hoping for the 13th - her grandma's birthday and her first wedding anniversary. Man, I am so excited that everyone is having babies. I'm not ready to have another one quite yet, (sorry Mum!) but I kind of love living vicariously through my family and friends. Plus I get to talk about my pregnancy experience, which I always felt a bit hesitant about while I was living it.

I guess I'm a bit wary of oversharing, especially to people who are either uninterested, or actively grossed out by what I have to say. But if someone asks about it, then it is impossible to shut me up.


Have I mentioned to you that my baby is in love with my dog? Henry is awake at the moment (hello, 9.30pm) and he keeps getting a bit fussy and teary every once in a while. I'm not sure what the deal is - I guess he's probably a bit overtired, but he refuses to sleep. What can you do?*

*Be a parent, I guess. That's a novel idea.

Anyway, I've noticed that when he's upset, Nina is almost guaranteed to make him stop crying. He likes the sloppy licky end at the front and the happy waggy end at the back, the soft shiny coat and the jingly collar. Most of the rolling over that he's done has been an effort to get closer to her.

Nina, for her part, has realised that if the baby gets to pat /gouge /pull on her fur, then Ross and I are usually nearby and can join in with the patting. Everybody wins! Take that, everyone who said getting a puppy while pregnant was a stupid idea!


Okay dudes, I should write more, but I think it's time to give that parenting thing a go. Babies like coffee, right? And playing with important documents and permanent markers? I'm on it.

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Maja said...

I am so dying to get a dog as soon as possible. I've started saying to people "When we get a dog... blah blah blah...." and the past few days I've been wanting one even more.

We've been watching a lot of sky in Jason's cousins flat whilst here in London and there is a show called It's me or the Dog, about people with problem dogs and a trainer comes in and fixes them. So good. I think it's my new favourite show. Makes me want one even more.

And then we were watching a show about a vet in India and he was at a clinic that took injured animals and they had all these disabled dogs that couldn't walk on their hind legs and I cried over it. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. They couldn't walk and probably had a fairly rubbish life there, but they were such sweet dogs still, they just wanted love and pats.

Dogs are brilliant.