Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nice lady and poky baby

I have a neighbour called Stebba. Her father was born in our house, so she would have been really keen on buying it had she known it was for sale (but she didn't - phew!)

Anyway, she is a bit of an eccentric character - she has five cats that live in her house, plus another ten or so feral ones that she feeds in her back shed. She has some pretty crazy hair, and wears some amazingly weird things. I guess she has committed to being a bit of a weird old cat lady, and doesn't really care what anyone thinks about that.

She is totally lovely though, always has something nice to say whenever I meet her in the street. She is an 'animal's friend' as they say here in Iceland - aside from the feral cats, she leaves food out on the hill behind her house for the ravens and escaped minks.

Anyway, she sells second clothes from her house and holds little markets there every now and again. I've never actually been, but Sigga said she sometimes has nice things.

So today she came round with a garbage bag full of clothes for me. I was at Amma's, so Ross said thanks, and brought the bag in. She then came round to Amma's, just to explain that she'd given me a bag full of clothes, but that she didn't think I was poor or anything. I, of course, love free things, so I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but she was very adamant that she definitely didn't want to offend me by giving me things.
Nice lady.

Ross has pointed out that we should probably try to use our flashy camera to take pictures of things that aren't Henry. Not that we'll stop taking photos of the dude, just that he needn't be our only subject matter; after all, we live in one of the most picturesque places ever. 

Having said that - here are some photos of Henry!

I will pretty much never get tired of Henry and Nina together in photos. It's my favourite.

Henry is going through a phase of really really wanting to have his hands INSIDE your FACE. In your mouth. Up your nose. In your eyeballs. Fun fun fun.


northern musings said...

Those photos are great and Yep Stebba is amazing. I love the fact that she is a part of the pattern that is this town (munstur - such a good Icelandic word).

Unnur said...

Yeah, Stebba puts colour into Saudarkrokur. I'll invite her for a cuppa when I get there. 5 weeks! Henry, Ross and Nina look soooo cute. Love and kisses!