Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's Thursday, so it must be time for a meme that I've used before - not the awesome one I talked about yesterday, still haven't managed to make that happen.

Tomorrow: I'm going to my friend Guðbjörg's house for a Pauline-party. I might get up early and make some cookies beforehand, or I might just hit up the bakery...
Feeling: A bit disappointed that I didn't write a proper blog before. A bit tired, as usual. A bit guilty because Ross is walking in circles with our non-sleepy baby.
Happy because: It's nearly the weekend, which means quality Ross-time, yay! Although Ross has to work Saturday, boo! But Sunday, yay!
Today I: should have made banana bread.
Laundry: Ooh, I hung some up before, and I'll put another load on tomorrow. Maybe I should try to put ALL the loads on tomorrow?
Something I know: Baby nails are way sharper than you'd think. Especially on your gums.
Currently reading: I bought a Jodi Picoult book in Icelandic, and started it the other day, so I guess I'm technically reading that? I'm finding it a bit hard because I find myself trying to translate it all in my head. So while I understand the meaning of the word flekamót, I can't actually get past it in the text until I remember that it's called a faultline in English.
Wanting: teething to be over. Thanks for the tips, though, guys. And extra thanks to Vicki for the amber necklace, once it's restrung I will be the happiest person ever.
Favorite gadget: my iPod, good for internetting while feeding the dude.
Thankful that: life is basically good, it could be a million times worse.
Wondering why: the dude is so awake. I had the standard amount of coffee today - one and a half cups - so what is the deal? He's not constantly fretting, just every once in a while he gets all riled up...

That's all the brainpower there is at the moment. Time for more attempts at sleeping - fun for the whole family!


northern musings said...

My bad for interrupting earlier feeding sessions me thinks....

Unnur said...

Wish I was there to walk in circles with Henry. I'm good at walking in circles, especially when I should be writing reports. Love yous all!