Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's the future, Charlie Brown!

I had a cool meme that I wanted to do, but it involves technologies beyond my capabilities right now. On the other hand, I am typing this in bed on my iPod, which has super internet powers, so I guess I'm still kinda winning at technologies. Anyway, re: meme, maybe tomorrow? It's worth the wait, I promise. I think.


There's a girl in my mothers' group who is about to go back to work, so she decided to hold a bit of a playdate at her house on Friday. She asked if we could each bring something to eat, and because of this, she called it a 'Pauline party'. I wonder if that's just the Icelandic term for it, or if she just has a legendarily lazy-at-hosting friend called Pauline.


A couple of times now, I have noticed Ross shushing Henry in his sleep. It's pretty funny, especially when Henry isn't even a) crying or b) in the room. Just all of a sudden, sleeping Ross says 'shhh'. Poor guy, he must be dreaming of fussy babies.

Speaking of dreams, the other night I dreamt (ah, I can just about hear the collective groan - stop it! No one wants to hear about your dreams!) that I was dating Ice T... At least I think it was Ice T - he's the one from Law and Order, right? Anyway, I eventually figured out that it was a dream (which rarely happens to me), but it wasn't because I was dating a rapper turned TV star - I just didn't believe that I would cheat on Ross in real life. Yay, faithful subconscious!


Grargh, apologies for terrible formatting, apparently the future isn't as smooth and easy as you'd think. Maybe one day I'll learn HTML properly... But not today!

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