Thursday, November 10, 2011

In which I can't sleep, am spoilt, and really enjoy the internet

We had a bit of a rough night last night - Henry had a bit of a fever, which was totally lame. I know it's a perfectly normal and common side effect of the vaccinations, but in the middle of the night when he was all sweaty and red, I couldn't remember exactly where the line is between an okay baby fever and a  not okay baby fever.

None of us got much sleep during the night, but Henry and I slept in until ten, so that was lovely. I've totally gotten into the habit of being up before eight, so I feel a little bit like I missed out on half of the day! Good thing I didn't have any plans... And here's hoping his sleep patterns don't stay messed up!


Ha, the blog prompt on NaBloPoMo yesterday was a good-ish one: When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes? 

There were a couple of cultural differences in our house growing up that I didn't really notice for a long time.
I remember whenever I stayed for dinner at a friend's house, I was weirded out when the mum dished up a plate of food for me. Portioned out brussels sprouts and everything (I hadn't even seen a brussels sprout in real life until I was eleven). At home we always served ourselves from a big plate or pot - if you didn't like brussels sprouts (or if you weren't sure because you had no idea what they were), then you just didn't put them on your plate. Easy! Less wasted food! Why would you do it any other way?

I also read something my sister put on the internet recently about sheets. Why so many sheets, everyone? In our house, we had a bottom sheet, and then a doona (which I have forever called a sæng - one of the few Icelandic words that stuck). Again, when staying at other people's houses, there were a whole bunch of sheets and a blankety rug thing, and then the whole deal is tucked in around you. Don't you feel constricted? What if your feet need air? Weird, man.
To this day I have to completely untuck a hotel bed before I go to sleep. 

Oooh, one thing I specifically remember: I was at my friend Pam's house one evening when I was about eight or nine, and we were helping with dinner. I got asked to peel potatoes, to which I had to reply 'I have never peeled a potato in my life.'
This is because a) we usually ate potatoes with the skin on. And if an Icelander needs potatoes with the skin off, they peel them after they're boiled, which kind of burns and isn't really a little kid's job.
And b) I was kinda spoilt.


Oh man, I need to share this link with the world: Arthur recreates scenes from classic movies. God I love the internet.


Unnur said...

Gosh, there are so many things I didn't teach you guys. Guess I thought you'd pick it up by osmosis. My friend Jill dishes up food, Kerry does sometimes, guess it's an Aussie thing. I'd like to be bale to cook without having leftovers! Talking to Henry and you last nights was TOPS!!!

northern musings said...

So many memories came flooding back with that post - the whole dishing food up on a plate... ARGH I don´t want this much food or I don't want that green stuff that I have never seen before! and sheets and blankets... I could never sleep...always missed my sæng.. As for your mum not teaching you to peel potatoes - it probably just never came up.. you are a master at it now! Hope Henry is feeling better now and that you guys are having a wonderful sleep.

Maja said...

oooh I hate the heavy blanket thing as well! It kills me, but Jason loves it. I can't sleep when I'm all constricted, and I always kick out the tucked in sheets. Have you seen that episode of seinfeld when george castanza is going mental because his sheets are short tucked? That's me all over.