Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Henry's Rollin...

Feeling pretty satisfied with life right now - partly for the awesome title pun, partly because of other stuff...  I finished a bunch of crocheting today (although I haven't posted it yet, sorry Pat!) and finally got around to phoning work about maternity leave (another six months off, yay!). Dishes are done, and I vacuumed up a bunch of dog hair. But the best one of all - Henry rolled over from his back to his tummy today!

In typical Olga fashion, I left him on the floor in the lounge while I buttered my toast, then came back and went 'hang on a minute, didn't I leave you on your back?' He then rolled back and forwards for ages, seems like he's pretty proud of his achievement.

'Whatevs, dude, I could've rolled over ages ago, I just didn't feel like it.'

Also on the list of achievements - NaBloPoMo! Done! How pleasant. Their blog prompt for today is, predictably, 'what did you learn from NaBloPoMo?' I don't think I learned anything in particular, but it does feel nice to get things done.

It's pretty good that I feel so awesome when I accomplish what most people consider ordinary tasks. So much life satisfaction.


Unnur said...

Yay for the 6 months off. I dreamt you were weaning Henry coz you had to go back to work. Ross was cleaning bottles. Hurray for rolling over. I can't do that! Tell H to wait with the crawling till I get there.

Anonymous said...

AAWwww baby sleeping with dog. too cute. i just exploded a little.
Great to hear you have another 6 months off to spend with Henry. Hooray!