Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Giggles!

Had to share these giggles, they are pretty much my favourite sound ever. Also, I think it could be time for a haircut... For me, that is, not Henry. The dude gets to keep all his hair until he's a year old - it's an Italian tradition!

Self portrait, but I cropped my arm off so it doesn't look quite as daggy. It looks like Henry has my eyes, but they might still be baby blue. Only a few more months, then we'll see...


My cousin Maja is on her way to this hemisphere, and I just found out that my sister has booked her ticket over! We have started getting pretty excited about Christmas, I'm even thinking of doing a trip to Akureyri to buy decorations and bulk food for all the celebrating we're going to do... But we'll see how the weather is over the next few weeks - no amount of discounted fairy lights are worth driving through a blizzard.


Unnur said...

Ahhh... I love those giggles!

Anja said...

His giggles make me giggle too.