Monday, November 7, 2011

Grown up?

Yesterday I pulled Ross' fishy clothes out of the washing machine, but they were still wet! Oh no, I thought, I'll have to run another spin cycle. So I turned that on, then heard a bunch of weird grindy noises, and saw a bit of a flashy blue light coming from under the machine. Disco? No. Tiny police car? No, I'm pretty sure it was sparks.

So I wrung out the clothes by hand - I don't know how damp they were this morning, but Ross seems to have worn them to work regardless. And that means it's time to buy a new washing machine! To be honest, I'm not terribly upset, we got the old one with the house, and I never really did figure out all the settings.

I think being excited about new appliances pretty much makes me a grown up. Let us write down this date and celebrate every year! Or, you know, not.


I've been feeling weirdly anxious today, and I don't really know why. Do you ever get that? I find myself feeling bad, and it's a really teenage feeling, like I'm scared I'll get yelled at because I did something wrong and am waiting for someone to find out.

It's okay though, once I recognise the feeling, I remind myself that I'm not a teenager, and even if I was, I haven't done anything wrong. Plus my parents are too far away to yell at me. So, in summary, I'm fine.


In order to not end on that note, I'd like to share some newfound wisdom with you. Here goes:

Baby hands are the best.

This little dude that I have, he has the most amazing tiny little hands. They're like mine, only softer and smaller and chubbier. They're squarish, and a bit blocky. His fingers are so stubby and un-nimble most of the time, but every once in a while he'll deftly pluck his dummy out of his mouth, and hold it delicately between his thumb and index finger, like it's no big deal.

He's grabby when he feeds, and his hands wander around like they have a mind of their own - his free hand pokes my face and grabs my shirt, then always ends up tangled in his hair, pulling on it. Unless I manage to intercept the wandering hand, then he just grabs hold of my fingers and squeezes.
His not-free hand is the one that reaches around behind my back when I cradle him. That hand is tickly, and pinchy.   

The other day Ross pointed out that you can tell when he's getting sleepy because his hands get so soft and light all of a sudden. Instead of his usual grabbing and pinching and busy-ness, he pats you, gently holds your fingers, rests his whole little hand in your palm.

Just... so awesome.


northern musings said...

Awww... that was such a beautiful post! and you are a grown up - more grown up than I will ever be! You are a champion and I soooo respect you!

Maja said...

Anxiousness yes! Sometimes it's because of a show i'm watching where the main character is bad, like in dexter. Or a book i'm reading. Sometimes it's because i have to ring and make an appointment and i don't wanna.

I cleaned the filter in our washing machine last break because it smelled funky. It was full of coins, sticks and hair lackeys. And black goop. Eeew. Then i put vinegar in the detergent drawer and washed it on a hot cycle.

New washing machines rock!

So cute about the hands :)

Unnur said...

I love baby hands too, especially Henry's. I don't think I yelled much when you were a teenager, I still don't yell, although I'm trying at school to be a bit nastier. I do think you're a grown up when you freeze prepared food for your baby.