Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giving up the things that get you down...

Ugh. I am thinking of forsaking Pinterest entirely in favour of Craftgawker. It's been recommended to me a few times - I think it takes at least three mentions of something different for me to give up my old ways and try something new. Basically, it seems to have all the fun DIY things that I look for on Pinterest, but without all the body snark and religious debates.

Seriously, I think it's good that people are starting to move towards accepting different body types - realising that fat does not equal ugly. What is not cool, though, is pinning a photo of say, Marilyn Monroe, and saying this is what a 'real woman' looks like. Because some people are naturally thin and some are bigger but not necessarily hourglass shaped, and neither of these things, or the billion other permutations of size and shape should preclude you from being recognised as a 'real woman'.

And then there's the thing I mentioned in a previous post, with a picture of a thin girl followed by a whole bunch of weight loss 'tricks' including joining pro anorexia websites, because they'll shame you into losing weight! Yay - that's definitely a mentally and physically healthy way to lose weight! End sarcasm.

And whichever body type gets posted - fat, thin, muscular, petite - there's someone in the comments saying 'oh my gosh this is gross! what make a prson want 2 look so disgusting? and b proud of it?!'

GRARGH fellow humans, stop being dicks! Pro-tip: hating your body should not be a totally normal thing, no matter what it looks like. The world makes me sad sometimes.

And then the religious debaters. Someone posts an inspirational religious/ non-religious quote, or a comment on the idiocy of believers/ non-believers, and then everyone piles in and starts just blatantly attacking anyone who holds an opposing viewpoint.

I honestly think that in cases like this, you can argue until you're blue in the face, and you're not ever going to convince people that they're wrong. I remember in year 11, my 'friend' Lisa and I argued for weeks, every recess and lunch break, about whether or not lesbian couples should have access to IVF. It went nowhere, as she wasn't going to convince me that it was right to deny medical technology to people on the basis that what they were doing was 'unnatural'*; and I was never going to be able to explain to her why her homophobic attitudes were awful and offensive and completely full of shit.

* 'Cause making babies in a test tube and then implanting them into a uterus is a totally all-natural process, right?

Ahem, is it possible I am still vehemently angry about that particular discussion? Perhaps. But I guess that makes my point - these sorts of talks mostly aren't about exchanging ideas or listening and learning, they just make everyone all riled up and nasty.

Anyway anyway anyway - crafts are way more fun than being mean on the internet. I want to make a dress out of t-shirts, some homemade sugar scrubs, and a million Christmas decorations!

P.S. Baking did not happen today, nor did crocheting. But maybe I'll get busy tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

You are so definitely my sister. Body snarking: what the fuck!?