Friday, November 4, 2011

Early birds...

Okay so starting a post before nighttime is a good thing, yes? It will lead to many other good things, I'm sure.

I have gotten into Pinterest lately, it's a) awesomely inspiring and makes me want to do interesting things, and b) the biggest time waster in the history of the world. Also c) filled with stuff I love (puppies in costumes!) and hate ('dieting advice' that is actually a fat-shaming screed from a pro-anorexia site - I am not even going to link to it...) in almost equal measure.

Anyway, there are so many cute/cheesy baby photos that I may have to recreate - be prepared for some awesome christmas cards... Or you know, don't, as I will probably not get around to doing any of it. Either that or Ross will stop me in my tracks - he doesn't seem to think babies in hilarious costumes are as cute as I think they are... Although he might make an exception for this guy.

Also,  I actually made myself a nice lunch the other day after I saw something on Pinterest... I guess 'onions in beef stock served with cheese on toast' is probably not the official recipe for French Onion soup, but I enjoyed it. Today I made macaroni and cheese, but with real ingredients - the packet ones with orange cheese sauce don't exist here. It was quite satisfactory, but I kind of wish I'd had a sharper cheese - anyone want to post me some mature cheddar?


What else? We have started feeding Henry! I was going to wait the full six months, but he seems so big and hungry and eager, so we've been letting him play with solid food like apples and bits of fennel. Then last night we gave him some of the apple mush I made... It was pretty funny, he seemed to not be entirely convinced that it was a good thing, so we just gave him a couple of spoonfuls and left it at that. 

Vicki was over today, and we decided to give him another go. Again, there were definitely some mixed emotions - he made an awesomely funny face every time, but still swallowed it and leaned forward for more. I took a video, but until I figure out my blogger issues, it shall remain on my camera... Sorry Mum!


Aaaand... I think that's it. It's the weekend now, tomorrow we're going to go to the Red Cross (YESSSSSS!) and maybe have some lunch afterwards at the 'Hard Wok Cafe' - no, I'm not making that up, and if I haven't told you about it yet, then I promise to do so at some point in the near future. 
Apart from that, it will be the usual quiet weekend at home. Lovely.


northern musings said...

If you read this before you go, get me, so I can shove something in your bag... that is if I find anything... dog whimpering at my feet and I can't believe that I am leaving this as a comment on your blog when you live next door... what is society turning into?

Maja said...

Mm i just had some creamy sauced pasta. You can't go wrong with cheese and pasta. Do the have parmesan cheese there? That mixed with regular cheese would probably work.

My friend had to start feeding her girl solids at 4 months as she was hungry all the time.

Have you seen
It's just photos, but you could spend hours looking at it.

Gil Liane said...

When I was helping friends think of Halloween costumes, google included these freaky baby options- where you dress the kids as food! I found the Martha Stewart turkey baby the freakiest of the lot:

With taco baby a close second:

People are weird!!

olga said...

Sigga, I love how easy it is to communicate via the net - we usually skype Vicki when we need to talk to her...

Maja: Yep, used gouda plus parmesan, I think maybe next time I just need to use less gouda?
Ooh, more websites to procrastinate with - yay!

Gillian: Yikes, all those Martha Stewart ones are a bit nuts. I think this lobster costume is waaaay cuter:

Anonymous said...

As for costumes, I love them..

soda said...

hooooly smokes that up costume is great! please do not let ross stop you dressing henry up in ridiculous things!